Banff, AB

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Alyssa Stoltz

Banff, AB

After having the opportunity to live in Banff in 2015, I was hooked. I have been back 1-2 times per year ever since! I have been obsessed with finding beautiful places, amazing eats, and joyful activities! Now I’m here to share them with you!

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My Recommendations

Image - Bow Falls Viewpoint
Bow Falls Viewpoint
Alyssa:Bow Falls is a great place to start! It is a short walk from the city center and the views are breathtaking.
Image - Surprise Corner Viewpoint
Surprise Corner Viewpoint
Alyssa:This one typically requires a car but can be accessed by a short hike! It offers a great viewpoint for first time visitors.
Image - Bow Lake
Bow Lake
Alyssa:Bow Lake is one of my absolutely favourite stops! It’s a bit of a drive but it is worth every second.
Image - Emerald Lake
Emerald Lake
Image - Moraine Lake
Moraine Lake
Alyssa:The most stunning views you will find in the world. This is the number one place for any visitor to stop. It can be hard to access by car in the summer but they run a shuttle bus from Lake Louise. That is the best way to access the lake.
Image - Peyto Lake
Peyto Lake
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Meal Ideas

Image - Park Distillery Restaurant and Bar
Park Distillery Restaurant and Bar
Alyssa:Looking for a bite to eat? This place first opened in 2016 and it was a hit! The food is great and the drinks are great. It is a bit on the pricier side but it is a great stop with a great atmosphere.
Image - Tony Roma's
Tony Roma's


If you’re looking for tours or group activities, I’ve done all of these first hand. These are the ones I have loved!


Image - Cascade Shops
Cascade Shops
Alyssa:If you forgot anything for your trip to the mountains, Cascade Shops has everything you could want! They have a food court and many shops.
Image - Roots

Wonderguide map

  1. Bow Falls Viewpoint
  2. Surprise Corner Viewpoint
  3. Bow Lake
  4. Johnston Canyon
  5. Sulphur Mountain
  6. Natural Bridge
  7. Emerald Lake
  8. Moraine Lake
  9. Fairmont Banff Springs
  10. Banff National Park Administration Building
  11. Banff Upper Hot Springs
  12. Stoney Squaw Mountain
  13. Peyto Lake
  14. Mount Norquay Lookout
  15. Park Distillery Restaurant and Bar
  16. Rocky Mountain Bagel Co
  17. Rocky Mountain Flatbread Banff
  18. Tony Roma's
  19. Bear Street Tavern
  20. The Grizzly House
  21. Magpie & Stump Restaurant
  22. Discover Banff Tours
  23. Warner Stables - Banff Trail Riders
  24. Banff Gondola
  25. Brewster Sightseeing
  26. Cascade Shops
  27. Patagonia Banff
  28. Roots

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