'bandung - kawah putih ciwidey'

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'bandung - kawah putih ciwidey'

Luxury place to see and beautiful scenery

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My Recommendations

Image - Parkiran Bawah Kawah Putih Ciwidey
Parkiran Bawah Kawah Putih Ciwidey
hendris:good parking area and very large
Image - Lembang Asri Resort
Lembang Asri Resort
hendris:amazing place and resort to stay
Image - Cibolang Hot Spring Water
Cibolang Hot Spring Water
hendris:hot spring water make you sauna
Image - Rafting Bandung GRAVITY ADVENTURE Pangalengan
Rafting Bandung GRAVITY ADVENTURE Pangalengan
hendris:raft in this place make adrenalin up
Image - Situ Cileunca Pangalengan Bandung
Situ Cileunca Pangalengan Bandung
hendris:comfortable place and nice lake
Image - Villa Jerman
Villa Jerman
hendris:this villa offers fresh air and add your soul be calm
Image - Kertamanah Water Park
Kertamanah Water Park
hendris:water park under mount with cool air
Image - Braga Permai
Braga Permai
hendris:delicious food with traditional recipe
Image - Tizi Cake Shop & Restaurant
Tizi Cake Shop & Restaurant
hendris:all about nice cake here check it out!!
Image - Dago Holiday
Dago Holiday
hendris:good travel
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Wonderguide map

  1. Parkiran Bawah Kawah Putih Ciwidey
  2. Lembang Asri Resort
  3. Cibolang Hot Spring Water
  4. Rafting Bandung GRAVITY ADVENTURE Pangalengan
  5. Situ Cileunca Pangalengan Bandung
  6. Villa Jerman
  7. Kertamanah Water Park
  8. Braga Permai
  9. Tizi Cake Shop & Restaurant
  10. Dago Holiday

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