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Casey's of Baltimore Hotel

Baltimore Ireland

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Image - Casey's of Baltimore Hotel
Casey's of Baltimore Hotel
Casey's of Baltimore:Of course, you can start with our produce. We have our famous scones, jams and brown bread.
Image - West Cork Brewing Company
West Cork Brewing Company
Casey's of Baltimore:Nothing better than bringing a local beer to impress your friends.
Image - The Yellow Door
The Yellow Door
Casey's of Baltimore:Great to have a local craft shop in a small village such as Baltimore, displaying only local/ Irish crafts.
Image - West Cork Crafts
West Cork Crafts
Casey's of Baltimore:If you don't find what you want in Baltimore, here is another lovely craft shop in Skibbereen
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Our nearest town

Image - Skibbereen Farmers’ Market
Skibbereen Farmers’ Market
Casey's of Baltimore:Every Saturday morning from 10am to 2pm, discover local farmers, local bakers, local artists and much more. A great way to discover local produces
Image - Skibbereen Heritage Centre
Skibbereen Heritage Centre
Casey's of Baltimore:If you want to learn about the famine in West Cork, this is a place to go. Staff is really knowledgeable. Very interesting. As well, you have a documentary about Lough Hyne and its wildlife, unique in Europe.
Image - West Cork Arts Centre
West Cork Arts Centre
Casey's of Baltimore:For a small part of the world, we are surrounding by great artists. Here is a place to find some of them and some of their work.


What to do around Baltimore

My Recommendations

Image - The Beacon
The Beacon
Casey's of Baltimore:Well, Baltimore won't be what it is without the Beacon. Great walk, great scenery. Whenever you go, it never looks the same
Image - Lough Hyne
Lough Hyne
Casey's of Baltimore:Not to far from Baltimore but definitely a place not to be missed. It is worth climbing up Mount Knockomagh to get stunning panoramic views
Image - Cape Clear Island
Cape Clear Island
Casey's of Baltimore:The most southerly Gaeltacht Island. Ferries go from Baltimore pier daily. It is a 45 minutes trip.
Image - Sherkin Island
Sherkin Island
Casey's of Baltimore:This Island is just across Baltimore Pier, 15 minutes trip on the ferry.

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  1. Casey's of Baltimore Hotel
  2. West Cork Brewing Company
  3. The Yellow Door
  4. West Cork Crafts
  5. Skibbereen Farmers’ Market
  6. Skibbereen Heritage Centre
  7. West Cork Arts Centre
  8. The Beacon
  9. Lough Hyne
  10. Cape Clear Island
  11. Sherkin Island

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