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Experience Majestic Bali Views, Temple Swim and Jungles Waterfalls

Time to take a break from the beach in Bali and see some of the spectacular inland sights. You’ll rise early to get the best photo at the Gates of Heaven. High in the mountains of Lempuyang, this magnificent temple is a must see. Afterward, your guide will take you to Tirta Gangga water temple for even more fantastic photo opportunities at one of Bali’s iconic locations. Here you can swim in the cool waters of the pools before heading to the cave-like waterfall of Cepung and then to the tall waterfall at Tibumana. Feel free to take a swim at both falls and enjoy the spectacular jungle surroundings.

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The spectacular Temples of Besakih, Lempuyang and Tirta Gangga Tour

You’ll begin your journey with an early pick up as your guide takes you on a beautiful path of verdant rice fields and ancient villages to Mt Lempuyang, where your guide will take pictures of you at the iconic Gates of Heaven temple with Holy Mt Agung as a backdrop. From there, we’ll embark on another stunning drive past lush rice paddies and jungle to the famous water temple of Tirta Gangga where you’ll see ancient stone carvings of mythical creatures, tiered fountains and beautiful gardens. Feel free to take a swim in the cool water of the temple ponds. We’ll stop for a gourmet Balinese lunch before we had to our next destination. Next up is Besakih temple, aptly known as the Mother of all temples because it is the largest in Bali. It is also the holiest temple in the entire region. Your guide will provide you with history and culture of each location as well as the customs and traditions of the local villages.

Batur Sunrise Trekking & Natural Hot Springs

Your friendly, English-speaking driver will pick you up from your hotel and will take you directly to the base of the volcano. There you'll meet your friendly English-spesking guide who will give you a brief overview of the trek and will answer any questions you have. Mount batur is part of the UNESCO Global Geopark Network and an active volcano. You 'll begin your ascent bright and early under a blanket of stars. Your guide will be happy to discuss the landscape, history and culture of the area. Arraving at the summit, your guide will be hsppy to offer the best vantage point for photos and will assist you in getting the best shot. Or, if you would like to just sit and enjoy the view in peace, we encourage you to do that as well. At the top you will be given a meal and beverages to help regain your energy for the trek around the crater and back down the mountain. We will begin our descent back to toya bungkah wher we will enjoy the shooting and therapeutic water of the natural hot springs. At 38 degrees celcius ( about 99 degrees fahrenheit) its a perfect way to relax after the early morning hike trought the spectacular countryside of northern Bali. We willl then board the bus and make one final stop before we reach your hotel. We'll visit a coffee plantation where you can sample different coffees and teas native to Bali and indonesia -one last" pick -me-up" before you end your adventure.

Go on a Full Day Guided Tour of Ubud & Dine in the Shadow of a Live Volcano

Ubud is a wonderful village with amazing shopping, art, villas and spas. On this tour, we’ll experience first hand the Balinese crafts that have been taught and handed down through generations. Includes batik, silver, wood carving and painting. Also in Ubud, we’ll sit for a fascinating performance of the Balinese Barong dance with it’s ornate costumes and gamilan. From there, we’ll stroll through the Sacred Monkey Forest before heading off to the traditional village of Kintamani where we’ll have lunch (not included in price) and get spectacular views of Mt. Batur, one of Bali’s live volcanos. This tour is for all ages and does not require a lot of hiking, but you will spend a lot of time on your feet so wear comfortable shoes. For Mt Batur volcano trekking, try one of our adventure packages here. Before returning to your hotel, we’ll stop to taste coffee at a local Luwak coffee plantation.

From Ubud Craft Making & Jungle Waterfalls to Besakih, the Mother of All Temples

By far it’s the most beautiful low jungle waterfall in Bali. Tegenungan is surrounded by lush forest and the waters are clean to swim in. Another treat will be your visit to the smaller, but also amazing, Cepung waterfall with it’s cave-like surrounding and cool waters. We’ve combined these experiences with a visit to the Mother Temple of Besakih, Bali’s largest temple. It is truly a sight to see with its ancient architecture, stone carvings and throngs of worshipers.

Lempuyang Temple, Tirta Gangga Water Temple, Cepung Waterfall and Virgin Beach

We’ll get an early start to beat the crowds. Our first stop will be at Lempuyang, Gates of Heaven, where you’ll get some excellent photo opportunities at this large and spectacular temple. Then it’s off to Tirta Gangga with its ornate carvings and freshwater pools that flow through the temple. Cool off in the refreshing water before your next stop. We’ll head over to the pristine waters of Virgin Beach where you can enjoy another swim, get a bite to eat and relax for awhile before our last stop at Cepung waterfall, a cave-like jungle destination for more awesome photo opportunities.

Lempuyang, Tirta Gangga Water Temple & Tirta Empul Temple, Cepung Waterfall

We’ll begin our tour at the famous Gates of Heaven temple at Lempuyang for spectacular photo opportunities. From there, we’ll visit Tirta Gangga water temple in the mountains. Stroll the beautiful, manicured grounds with its ornate carvings. Cool off from the Bali heat in the temple pools. Next stop is Tirta Empul, one of Bali’s holiest temples. You’ll get a chance to cleanse your soul in the temple fountains, just as the locals do. Your final destination will be Cepung waterfall. Here, you’ll get more photo opportunities as well as another chance to cool off in the jungle waterfall.

My Recommendations

Mt Batur Sunrise Trekking

Part of UNESCO's Global Geopark Network, Mount batur is an active volcano. Standing at 1717 meters ( 5633 feet ) above sea level. Your friendly, englis speaking driver will pick you up at your hotel lobby and drop you off at the base of the mountain where you willl meet your guide and recieve a short safety briefing. The daylight will reveal fantastic panoramic photo opportunities of the volcanic valley and spectacular views of holy Mt Agung , Mt abang and mount rinjani all the way in lombok. A refreshing breakfast ,coffee,tea and water will help to prepare you for the trek back down the mountain where you will see recent lava flows and the intriguing volcanic landscape. You will experience beautiful scenery throughout your trek such as views of crater lake, black lava landscape and the beautiful flora and fauna of the balinese countryside. Meet villagers along the way and learn about the history and culture from locals as well as your english-speaking guide. You will arrive back to toya bungkah village stop at a Balinese Coffee plantation where you will get to try Luwak Coffe in the world. From here we will take you back to your hotel in time to enjoy the rest of your day by the pool or on the beach.

Mt Batur Camping

About mid-afternoon, our friendly, Englis-speaking drier will pick you up from your hotel in our air conditiobed van. You will drive to starting point at toya bungkah village where you will meet your english speaking guide for a breafing on the trek. We encourage you to ask any questions regarding safety and the trek as well as the history and culture of the local area the hike up the volcano will be in daylight you will get to experience the beautiful landscape and view as you ascent the mountain. Once at the top, the guide will set up camp, pitch your tent and prepare your dinner as you relax and enjoy the pantastic sunset over the volcanic valley. You will see the sky turn to almost every color you can imagine as daylight give way to evening and eventualy night. Here you will see milions of stars and be able to count the planets and constellations as well as the occasionl shooting star. You will wake up bright and early and open your tent to an amazing sunrise and view over the eastern sky as your guide prepare morning breakfast cooked over the heat of volcanic steam. Enjoy coffee , tea or water with your brekafst . After the gear is packed by your guide, you will head back down the volcano and across the rim of the crater with stunning views. Near the base of the mountain we'll relax our muscle and joints in the shooting waters of the natural hot springs in toya bungkah village. We'll board the van and make one more stop at the coffee plantation for coffee and tea tasting before heading back to your hotel

The Spectacular UNESCO World Heritage Tour of Bali

This is a full day tour so your driver and guide will pick you up early in our air conditioned van and take you to Bedugul where you’ll visit Lake Bratan and Ulan Danu water temple. Along the way, your driver will explain the local customs and traditions of the sites you’ll be seeing. We’ll stop for a traditional Balinese lunch (not included in price) before we head from the center-north region of the island to the southwest coastline to Tanah Lot temple. Perhaps the most iconic of all temples in Bali, Tanah Lot provides fantastic photo opportunities and a good example of Balinese creativity and dedication to the gods. Sitting on the large offshore rocks of the coastline, marvel at this 16th century icon, which is one of the magnificent 7 seven sea temples protecting Bali. From here, we’ll drop you off back at your hotel in time for dinner.

Lempuyang Gates of Heaven, Water Temple & Traditional Balinese Village Tour

There’s a lot to take in during this tour, but it is well worth it and a day you will not soon forget. We begin with an early pick up from your guide as you drive through lush rice paddies and traditional Balinese villages to get to your first destination, the Gates of Heaven on Mt Lempuyang. With a spectacular view and photospot, your guide will help you get the best vantage point for your camera. As you head from Gunung Lempuyang to Tirta Gangga temple, your guide will share with you the local history and traditions of eastern Bali. Feel free to ask him all your questions about local customs. Tirta Gangga water temple could be your favorite destination with it’s lush gardens, stone fountains of mythical creatures and cool ponds for swimming or dangling your feet. If you chose not to swim here, you’ll get another chance at Cepung waterfall with it’s cave-like entrance and deep jungle feel. Before heading to the pristine village of Penglipuran, we’ll stop for a delicious Balinese lunch. When you’re ready, you’ll enjoy the beautiful walk through a village that has been preserved throughout the centuries and maintains its original architecture and traditions. Penglipuran village is a glimpse of old Bali and you’ll get more background and history from your knowledgeable guide. Before heading home, we’ll make one more stop at a Luwak coffee plantation where you’ll get to try some of the most famous coffee and teas in the world. Strike a bargain and bring some home with you.

Experience Ubud: From Traditional Crafts & Monkey Forest to Ancient Temples & Jungle Waterfalls

Yes, the Sacred Monkey Forest is full of monkeys and you’ll get a chance to interact, feed and take pictures with them. The local handlers are there to help and your guide will explain the significance of the forest. It is full of ancient stone carvings, jungle walkways and terraces. The Forest is one of the most fascinating points of interest in Bali. When you’re hungry, we’ll stop for lunch (not included in price). From there, we’ll drive through the winding roads surrounding ubud with amazing rice fields and lush forest until we come upon the famous rice terraces. Try out the thrilling jungle swing to get a high point view of the rice fields and river valley. After a delicious lunch, we’ll head over to Cepung waterfall where you’ll get to dip in the water and stand underneath the beautiful waterfall in its cave-like setting. End your day with a visit to a Luwak coffee plantation where you’ll get to try some of the most exclusive coffee on earth.

An Ubud Guided Tour (Bali’s Cultural Center) and Tanah Lot Temple

Ubud is a wonderful village with amazing shopping, art, villas and spas, but get out of the main area and there is a whole other world to discover. With beautiful winding roads, lush jungle and verdant rice fields, our guide will take you around the area and give you a deeper understanding of the customs and culture of this popular Balinese city. We’ll visit the Sacred Monkey Forest and see monkeys of all ages as well as ancient stone carving, jungle pathways and lush forest. Afterward, we’ll take a ride to Tanah Lot temple that sits on jutting rock over the ocean. It’s one of Bali’s most iconic temples and is included in your tour of Ubud.

Bali Temple Tour and Sunset Dinner

Perhaps Bai’s most iconic temple, Tanah Lot sits on the rocks jutting out of the sea to form its own island at high tide. The ancient temple is rich in tradition and is still used by worshippers throughout the island. Your guide will provide you with local history and customs, giving you a richer experience more meaningful memories of each place you visit. Next stop is the cliff top temple at Uluwatu. Rising over 75 meters above the sea, the views of the Indian ocean are nothing short of spectacular. Stroll the area and cliff walkways, but keep an eye on the locals as monkeys here have learned the art of bartering. They may steel a hat or camera in exchange for a banana. After Uluwatu, your guide will take you to the traditional fishing market in Jimbaran where we’ll prepare a freshly caught dinner, grilled in Balinese herbs and spices, served with rice and sambal matah (not included in price).

Visit Ubud & the Spectacular Batuan Temple

Experience the culture and art of Ubud. See first hand how the local artisans make their wood carvings, paintings and batik prints. Visit a silver factory and do a little shopping. Afterward, we’ll have lunch (not included in price) with an amazing view of Mt Batur, one of Bali’s live volcanos. Bali has more temples than anywhere else in the world. But perhaps one of the most beautiful is Batuan temple. It reflects the famous Batuan style of art from this area with its ornate style and intricate architecture. Stroll the grounds and admire the intricate stone carvings and rich culture of the this amazing temple.

Bali Cultural Tour, Kecak Dance and Sunset Dinner

The lower peninsula of Bali is called the Bukit and is home to the iconic Uluwatu temple as well as some of Bali’s best beaches. We’ll take you there as your guide explains the local customs and history of Uluwatu. With perhaps the most awesome cliff top setting, Uluwatu provides some of the best views of the Indian ocean anywhere on Bali. Keep an eye on the local inhabitants as monkeys have learned the skill of bartering and may swipe your camera in exchange for a banana. Be inspired as you watch the kecak dance performed by locals in their traditional Balinese garb, all before heading to Jimbaran to select your own freshly caught fish to be cooked over a grill with Balinese spices and sambal matah (not included in price). Wash it down with a cold Bintang.

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