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My Reykjavik Recommendations

Wazup! You are probably here because you are looking for things to do in Reykjavík during your trip to Iceland! And you are at the right place... I've collected things that I personally recommend that you'll do as well as awesome articles about various things.

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⏱️ When to visit

That depends on what you want to do and see during your trip. Many people choose summer to visit Iceland, mainly because the weather is more mild and thus easier to get around. You’ll also get to enjoy the midnight sun experiencing up to 20 hrs of daylight. However, if you’re dying to see the Northern Lights and you don’t mind the cold, winter would be your best bet. Spring and autumn are typically less busy than summer season, but the weather can be unpredictable during that time of year. No matter what season you choose to visit, there will be a treasure trove of outdoor adventures for you to experience.

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🍔🍺 Food & Drink in Reykjavik

Food is the best way to experience new cultures. Personally I love to try out new streetfood and restaurants when I travel so I've decided to give you some insights to the best of the best food articels and experiences that you can find in Reykjavik. Verði þér að góðu!

Image - Eat Drink and Be Merry mural
An Introduction to Icelandic Drinking Culture
Baldur Jón:Want to drink like an Icelander? Read this :)
Image - Cook and Dine_48612
$ 210
Local Culinary Class: Cook and Dine
Baldur Jón:When I travel I like to go to cooking classes to be introduced to local food and culture. If you are the same I recommend this one.
Image - Restaurants at the Harbour
Eating on a Budget in Reykjavík
Baldur Jón:If you want to save money... this could be something worth reading.
Image - Apótekið Lunch
The Best Places for Lunch in Reykjavik
Baldur Jón:Very good article!
Image - Valdís
Baldur Jón:Really popular ice-cream store... and for a reason. Personally I always get the salted peanut & caramel in a waffle. Higly recommend!
Image - Bastarður Brew Pub
Bastarður Brew Pub
Baldur Jón:They brew their own delicious beer, one of the biggest Gin bar in town and make awesome tacos.


This small but mighty country has an incredibly rich cultural heartbeat. Street art decorates the city, the music scene is pulsing (Icelandic rap is joke), plus there's the whole vikings thing. So switch up the nature with something from this list.

Coffee & Goodies

All about grocery stores & morning goods in Reykjavik

Image - Reykjavik Bakeries
Reykjavik Bakeries
Image - 17Sortir
Sugar Coat Everything – 17 Sortir Bakery in Reykjavík, Iceland
Image - Te & Kaffi
Te & Kaffi
Baldur Jón:Te & Kaffi is one of the most popular coffee chains here in Iceland. This particular one is my favorite of them all.

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  1. Valdís
  2. Bastarður Brew Pub
  3. Te & Kaffi
  4. Premium Airport Transfer - Keflavik To Reykjavík
  5. Airport Transfer w/ Hotel Drop Off - Keflavík To Reykjavík

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