Backpacking around Argentina

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Ingþór Birkir Árnason

Backpacking around Argentina

After going through Bolivia, Argentina was a warm welcome. It´s probably the most western civilized country in South America. The people there are really amazing as well. Will definitely be going back there some day!

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See and do

When I went there in 2014 there were so many things to do and see. When visiting Buenos Aires I recommend going to the city bikes rental places and just bike around the city.

Image - Iguazu Falls
Iguazu Falls
Ingþór:We decided to go to the Iguazu fall from Argentina after a recommendation instead of from the Brazil side.
Image - Salta
Ingþór:Really cool place to stop and relax.
Image - Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires
Ingþór:The one must place to go to in Argentina! It offers so much and it´s the place I want to go back to one day.
Image - Obelisco
Ingþór:If you go to the biggest street in Buenos Aires it´s hard to miss this!
Image - La Boca
La Boca
Ingþór:This neighborhood is filled with life almost every day and is one of the most famous ones in South America
Image - Caminito
Ingþór:The most famous house in the La Boca neighborhood!
Image - Puente De La Mujer
Puente De La Mujer
Ingþór:Really amazing bridge in central Buenos Aires. Recommend renting a bike and going there.
Image - Luna Park
Luna Park
Ingþór:If you want to check out a concert this is the place. We went to a Enrique Iglesias concerts which was really cool!
Image - Córdoba
Ingþór:Very chilled and amazing city. Recommend stopping there for a few days!
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If there is one must thing to do in Argentina it´s to get a steak and some red wine! Just beware that asking for sauce is like an insult to the cook!

Image - Iceland Helados
Iceland Helados
Ingþór:If you are in Argentina this is the ice cream shop to go to!
Image - Naipi Apart
Naipi Apart

Wonderguide map

  1. Iguazu Falls
  2. Cementerio de la Recoleta
  3. Salta
  4. Buenos Aires
  5. Obelisco
  6. La Boca
  7. Caminito
  8. Puente De La Mujer
  9. Luna Park
  10. Córdoba
  11. Iceland Helados
  12. Naipi Apart

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