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Hilmar Þór Norðfjörð

The Westfjords of Iceland

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Top Attractions in the Westfjords

The peninsula's most gorgeous attractions.

Image - Dynjandi
Hilmar Þór:An extremely picturesque waterfall by Arnarfjörður Fjord in the southwestern part of the peninsula.
Image - Rauðisandur Beach
Rauðisandur Beach
Hilmar Þór:A vast red sand beach in the southern part of the Westfjords Peninsula.
Image - Hornstrandir
Hilmar Þór:Hornstrandir is a remote nature reserve in the north of the Westfjords Peninsula. Every hiker's dream!
Image - Flatey
Hilmar Þór:Flatey Island is a scarcely inhabited island in Breiðafjörður Fjord. If you like staying close to the sea, and even going sailing or fishing, Flatey is a great place to stay.
Image - Látrabjarg
Hilmar Þór:Located in the southwest tip of the peninsula, Látrabjarg is one of the largest bird cliffs in Europe.
Image - Rjúkandi Waterfall
Rjúkandi Waterfall
Hilmar Þór:Rjúkandi waterfall is a very pretty waterfall that you should take the time to visit if driving in the area.
Image - Garðar BA 64
Garðar BA 64
Hilmar Þór:A wrecked ship in the southern part of the Westfjords Peninsula.
Image - Hellulaug
Hilmar Þór:An amazing hot geothermal pool by the seaside in the southern part of the Westfjords Peninsula.
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Noteworthy Towns in the Westfjords

Most towns in the Westfjords are inhabited by less than 1000 people. Visiting them is the ideal way to get to know authentic Icelandic fishing villages.

Image - Ísafjörður
Hilmar Þór:The biggest town of the Westfjords and definitely one of the most charming towns in Iceland.
Image - Patreksfjörður
Hilmar Þór:A pretty town close to Rauðisandur Beach and Látrabjarg Bird Cliff.
Image - Hólmavík
Hilmar Þór:A beautiful village in the eastern part of the peninsula. Ideal for whale watching.
Image - Þingeyri
Hilmar Þór:Tiny town by Dýrafjörður Fjord. Don't forget to get Belgian Waffles in the local café.

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  1. Dynjandi
  2. Rauðisandur Beach
  3. Hornstrandir
  4. Flatey
  5. Látrabjarg
  6. Rjúkandi Waterfall
  7. Garðar BA 64
  8. Hellulaug
  9. Ísafjörður
  10. Patreksfjörður
  11. Hólmavík
  12. Þingeyri
  13. Whale Watching in the Westfjords
  14. The Breiðafjörður Ferry: Brjánslækur - Stykkishólmur

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