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5 Reasons Why the Snowy Mountains in Australia is this Summer's Coolest Destination

There is a growing desire to try new and unique places for summer vacations and currently, the Snowy Mountains in Australia are taking the crown for the best kept secret summer destinations. Read on to find out why it would be great to visit this marvellous mountain range this summer!

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Betti Wilson

24. June 2019

Between the months of June and July, Australia, due to its location on the globe, has its winter period. Australia is a popular destination all year round and if you're one of those people that like winter better than summer, it may sound tempting to visit a country that has winter during the summertime!

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If you're looking for real winter adventures during the summer, the Snowy Mountains in Australia would be your bet. Also known as ‘the Snowies’, the mountain range consists of some of the tallest snowy mountains in Australia, including the highest point in Australia, Mount Kosciuszko.

These mountains are without a doubt a sight to behold, and are named the ‘Snowy Mountains’ because of the large amount of snowfall the mountain top gets in the winter.

Reasons to visit the Snowies this summer

While visiting the Snowy Mountains may not have been part of your plans, there are several reasons why you should consider this snowy unconventional summer vacation spot. 

1 No crowds

Travelling to a tourist location at the peak season, especially during the summer can be such a hassle. Crowds can make your overall travelling experience worse and make it harder to book hotels and tours. You might spend outrageous amounts of money to take a sneak peak of a place you've travelled thousands of miles to visit and then be offended by the intense amount of people while you're there. 

The story for the people who visit the Snowy Mountains is different. While there is hardly any information on where to stay, places to stay near the snowy mountain are available and cheaper. Less crowds mean that you can easily take it all in and enjoy the view of the Snowy Mountains at your own pace.

Snowy Mt. Buffalo mountain in Australia. Mt. Buffalo. Canva/mastersky. 

2 Perfect for winter sports

The landscape in the area around the Snowy Mountains is just begging for adventure. The greenery coupled with the breathtaking lakes guarantee a swell time. The activities available in the area incude skiing, hiking and snowboarding.  

A ski lift in Australia. Yep, you can go skiing in Australia! Canva/MyfanweeJaneWebb.

3 There are interesting tourist attractions all around 

The Snowy Mountains isn't the only attraction in the region. Visiting the snowy mountains in Australia automatically sets you up to experience a dozen more tourist attractions that line the way up and down from the mountain. The area is actually strewn with lakes and ridge tracks, which will definitely add value to your travels. 

4 Plenty of activities at the Snowy Mountains

Australian tourist areas are usually packed with activities. The Snowy Mountains is no exception. Activities range from horse riding, mountain biking, hiking, water sports to kayaking, boat riding and fishing lessons. Point is, you will never be bored. 

5 Eat and drink!

To crown your experience, there is an impressive variety of distilleries and vinyards in the area. There is a special wine grown in some of the local vineyards and the famous Wildbrumby Distillery offers schapps made from local fruits. You may even get the best dog food for labs if you are lucky. 

If you love adventure, the Snowy Mountains is a great vacation spot that offers the most amazing hospitality. Take a jump today and hike up the great snowy Australian "Alps". Chances are, this summer vacation will be far more satisfying than being a lazy beach bum for two or three weeks!


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