Athens - Live like a God

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Kurt R. Blake

Athens - Live like a God

Athens is the most populous Greek city and is the epicenter of the Hellenic world. In modern times the mysticism is found away from the ancient structures and within the popping bar scene. Mid 80s new wave and hipsterism add to the mystical vibes where Raki and Tsipouro make up the spirits of choice

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My Recommendations

Image - Τσιν Τσιν (Tsin Tsin)
Τσιν Τσιν (Tsin Tsin)
Kurt R.:Tsin Tsin is one of the most stylish yet well priced bars. The interior design of the venue is something to be admired, it is all the subtle considerations that give the place its sentimental vibe. The music played there varies from 60s French music to modern alternative rock. Very nice and accommodating staff – highly recommended.
Image - Kik Project
Kik Project
Kurt R.:Nice bar that does wine/coffees and great alternative rock. The staff are exceptionally kind to guests. Good couches, great place to drink. Amazing bruschetta’s and salmon sandwiches.
Image - Salamis Island
Salamis Island
Kurt R.:Salamina island is a 20-minute boat ride from Piraeus port (accessible via metro). It has terrific beaches for swimming and is a great alternative to the more congested beaches that are situated on the edge of Athens.
Image - Mount Lycabettus
Mount Lycabettus
Kurt R.:Mount Lycabettus (pronounced Lycavitos) is worth exploring, on the way, coming from the city center’s direction, you have the Pathathinaiko Stadium this is where the first modern Olympic games was held in 1896. The National Library, Metropolitan Church of Athens and the Temple of Zeus are all in proximity – as well as a handful of other museums. A day of a walking or riding could include visits to all of these places.
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  1. Τσιν Τσιν (Tsin Tsin)
  2. Kik Project
  3. Salamis Island
  4. Private Luxury Tour Of Spetses Island!
  5. Mount Lycabettus
  6. Main Olympic Stadium
  7. Cape Sounio Temple Of Poseidon Half Day Private Tour
  8. Private Luxury Tour Of Classical Athens & Cape Sounion!
  9. Athens Day Tour-Skip The Line: Acropolis, Acropolis Museum, Plaka And Local Food

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