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I traveled solo to Aruba for my birthday and had a blast. You are never really alone as their is always someone to talk to to show you a good time. The people are friend and inviting and the views are spectacularly beautiful.

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My Recommendations

Image - Pelican Adventures
Pelican Adventures
Shante:Highly Recommend. Located on Palm Beach. I did a sunset dinner cruise with this company and the dinner was definitely more than I expected. They actually feed you a full meal that comes with 1 free drink. And the mini cruise was a party. We even past by a caribbean cruise ship.
Image - Renaissance Island
Renaissance Island
Shante:This is a private island owned by the Renaissance Resort & hotel. (do not get it confused with the other Renaissance hotel of the same name -this is the one with the boat ride to see the flamingos) This was a highlight of my trip as we got to be up close and personal with the flamingos...and iguanas. You get to feed both. Bring american quarters to buy the food for the animals. It is also best to come in the morning between 7-9 as this is a better chance to feed them yourself as many other will already be there feeding them. The iguanas running around also eat the same food. And don't be scared if one hops up on your beach chair. They don't bite. In conclusion, there are 3 ways to get onto this island. 1) stay at the hotel for approx $400/nt 2)purchase the day pass the night before online for $125 at exactly 7am there are 5 day passes available everyday 3)book a massage at the hotel or on the island with or without lunch. Enjoy!
Image - ABC Tours Aruba
ABC Tours Aruba
Shante:This is in the top 3 most popular tours in all of Aruba so it is highly recommended. I booked the island ultimate safari which last all day until about 6pm and starts about 9am with hotel pickup starting around 7:30/8am. Also, do have a bathing on as there are 2 stops where you can get into the water if you so chose. Make sure you have some backup chargers as you with want to take lots of videos and pics. Some of the stops are the: *california lighthouse *chapel of alto vista *natural bridge *arikok national park *natural pool “conchi” *baby beach *wariruri beach (cannot swim here) *bushirbana gold mills ruins *and Guadirikiri cave
Image - Palm Beach
Palm Beach
Shante:One of the two most popular beaches in Aruba. There are tons of water sports like donut rides, parasailing, jet ski's and etc. Pelican Pier tours and the Jolly Pirates Cruse is also here if you want to go on a mini cruise.
Image - De Palm Tours Aruba
De Palm Tours Aruba
Shante:I did not do a tour with this company, but they are also very popular. I did go to a private beach all day through them whom also had flamingoes, but of a different breed than the renaissance Resort. (you cannot feed them) If you pay for a private cabana you can get closer to them. Everyone else is a spectator from a reasonable distant to get a decent pic. A buffet is including and absolute great variety especially if you are a picky eater. P.S. the waterpark is NOT open yet despite the advertisement on their website. They are still building it. There is snorkeling included though. I highly recommend you pay the extra cost to go on the sea trek adventure and pay for photos and videos. It was absolute amazing and completely unexpected. In conclusion, since the waterpark is not open yet, I recommend you pay for half day tour until the waterpark is built then pay for the full day tour.
Image - Mangel Halto
Mangel Halto
Image - Baby Beach
Baby Beach
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  1. Pelican Adventures
  2. Renaissance Island
  3. ABC Tours Aruba
  4. Palm Beach
  5. De Palm Tours Aruba
  6. California Lighthouse
  7. Mangel Halto
  8. Baby Beach
  9. Bushiribana Ruins
  10. The Gold Mine Ranch Aruba
  11. Rancho Loco Aruba
  12. Donkey Sanctuary Aruba
  13. The Butterfly Farm Aruba N.V.
  14. Philip's Animal Garden
  15. Aruba Ostrich Farm

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