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Art Novea Local Guidebook

Deep Ellum is the live music capital of North Texas as well as a hub for the performing arts from theater to comedy. Every night of the week presents an opportunity to experience local music, performances, art shows, and more!

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Restaurant Recommendations

Ichigoh Ramen Lounge, Oni Ramen, The Crab Station - Deep Ellum, The Free Man Cajun Cafe & Lounge, Bucky Moonshine's, Deep Sushi, Sky Rocket Burger, Brick & Bones, Easy slider, Niwa Japanese BBQ, Revolver taco lounge, Twisted root burger, Pecan lodge, Cheba hut toasted subs, Purify bowls & smoothies, Terry Blacks, The biscuit bar, Serious pizza, Pho bowl, Mama Mia pizza & pasta, Vegan options: Tiki loco coffee and tacos, Shoals

Image - Dallas Farmers Market
Dallas Farmers Market
NJN: Not in deep Ellum but near by
Image - Oni Ramen
Oni Ramen
Image - Deep Sushi
Deep Sushi
Image - Brick & Bones
Brick & Bones
Image - Easy Slider
Easy Slider
Image - Pecan Lodge
Pecan Lodge
Image - Purify Bowls & Smoothies
Purify Bowls & Smoothies
NJN:Natural smoothies locally owned business
Image - Serious Pizza
Serious Pizza
Image - Pho Bowl
Pho Bowl
Image - Tiki Loco Coffee and Tacos
Tiki Loco Coffee and Tacos
NJN:All Vegan Choices
Image - Shoals
NJN:Vegan options
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Live Music

The Bomb Factory, Deep Ellum Art Co, Three Links, Double wide bar, Dada, Trees, Adair’s, The Freeman Cafe,

Nightlife Suggestions

Stirr, Vidora, Punch bowl, Harlowe, The green room, Off the cuff, Backyard ,Bottle blonde, Truth & Alibi, Citizen, The Sporting Club & Blüm

Local Shops

Nollege, Patagonia, Sneaker Politics

Image - Nollege
NJN:Sneaker store
Image - Patagonia

Wonderguide map

  1. Dallas Farmers Market
  2. Oni Ramen
  3. Ichigoh Ramen Lounge
  4. The Crab Station - Deep Ellum
  5. Deep Sushi
  6. Bucky Moonshine's
  7. Sky Rocket Burger
  8. Brick & Bones
  9. Terry Black's Barbecue
  10. Niwa Japanese BBQ
  11. Easy Slider
  12. Revolver Taco Lounge
  13. Twisted Root Burger Co.
  14. Pecan Lodge
  15. Cheba Hut Toasted Subs
  16. Purify Bowls & Smoothies
  17. The Biscuit Bar
  18. Serious Pizza
  19. Pho Bowl
  20. Mama Mia Pizza & Pasta
  21. Tiki Loco Coffee and Tacos
  22. Shoals
  23. Deep Ellum Art Co.
  24. The Bomb Factory
  25. Three Links Deep Ellum
  26. The Free Man Cajun Cafe & Lounge
  27. Trees
  28. Double Wide Bar
  29. Adair's Saloon
  30. STIRR
  31. Vidorra Dallas
  32. The Green Room
  33. Punch Bowl Social Dallas
  34. Off The Cuff
  35. Bottled Blonde - Dallas
  36. Citizen
  37. Truth & Alibi
  38. The Sporting Club & Blüm
  39. Backyard Dallas
  40. Nollege
  41. Patagonia
  42. Sneaker Politics

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