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Argentina Experiences

Tips about things to do and places to go in Argentina. Recommend by who have been and had experiment the experience.

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Image - Recoleta
Mariana:Recoleta neighborhood is one of the most classic and fancy of the city. The architecture from the buildings are French style. Walking on the streests of recoleta is amazing. It's called the French neighborhood because of the style and the cafes that you can find in here. It's elegant and at the same time cool and trendy.
Image - Cementerio de la Recoleta
Cementerio de la Recoleta
Mariana:Famous cementery where the historic icon of Argentina rest. The architecture and statues are really an art. Is one of the most elegant cementery in Buenos Aires. If you like art and historic facts you should go and appreciate each detail in it. The aristocrat and traditional families from the city are in recoleta's cementery. Lots of tourists come to see where the emblematic historic character Evita Peron, was buried.
Image - República de los Niños
República de los Niños
Mariana:If you have time in your trip to go to La Plata, you definitely should come to this place. It is a city made for children, the legend says Walt Disney got inpired in this place to create Disneyland. True or not, it is a unique place to know and spend a afternoon. They have court food and a big green area where people use to go to exercise.
Image - Johnny B. Good Palermo
Johnny B. Good Palermo
Mariana:This is a restaurant pub with good beer and food. The hamburguer are really tasty. Sometimes they have live music. The decoration is nice and modern.
Image - MALBA
Image - Hostel Art Factory Palermo :: Hostel y Alojamiento en Buenos Aires
Hostel Art Factory Palermo :: Hostel y Alojamiento en Buenos Aires
Mariana:I stayed few days in this hostel some time ago and I had a awesome time, chilled vibe and people, had fun, in a great atmosphere. Really good hostel, great location, the staff are kind, the rooms and bathroom are clean. They have good wifi connection. Pretty living, there is a kitchen and it is in a awesome neighborhood, near from restaurants, pubs and nightlife. They offer breakfast with tea or coffee, tipical Argentine style. A few blocks from a important and busy avenue which called avenida santa Fe where are a lot of stores, and also a famous mall. It's easy to take bus or metro to move to others part of the city easily. If you look for a good spot to stay and have fun with lots of options near by, this neighborhood is perfect.
Image - Hotel ibis Buenos Aires Obelisco
Hotel ibis Buenos Aires Obelisco
Mariana:It's located in the heart of the city, near to 9 de Julio avenue. Easy to move, close to the famous Calle Florida.
Image - Siga La Vaca
Siga La Vaca
Mariana:One of the classics from the city. Variety on salad and good meet barbecue. In a fancy place. Good prices.
Image - EcoBici Station 14 - Pacific
EcoBici Station 14 - Pacific
Mariana:If you like to ride you should use this bikes to go around. It's easy to use, you can pay with credit card and you can download the app. You can see more info in the website:
Image - Banco Piano
Banco Piano
Mariana:Money exchange.
Image - Hostería Del Viejo Molino
Hostería Del Viejo Molino
Mariana:This small hotel is special, it's a familiar hotel. The staff is very kind. You feel at home in here. They have a restaurant where they serve tea with amazing pastry homemade. And they also serve dinner, the menu is unique and they always have good wines. Really worth it.
Image - Wilkenny Bariloche
Wilkenny Bariloche
Mariana:The best bar/pub to hang out. Good food and drinks, the music is also really good. Is definitely the point to go and enjoy the night in Bariloche.
Image - The Kilkenny
The Kilkenny
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  1. Recoleta
  2. Cementerio de la Recoleta
  3. República de los Niños
  4. Johnny B. Good Palermo
  5. MALBA
  6. Hostel Art Factory Palermo :: Hostel y Alojamiento en Buenos Aires
  7. Hotel ibis Buenos Aires Obelisco
  8. Siga La Vaca
  9. Localiza Rent a Car Aeropuerto - Buenos Aires
  10. Alto Palermo Shopping
  11. La Bicicleta Naranja Tours & Rentals
  12. Hotel ibis Buenos Aires Congreso
  13. La Boca Walking Tour
  14. El Ateneo Grand Splendid
  15. EcoBici Station 14 - Pacific
  16. Banco Piano
  17. Buenos Aires Bus
  18. Hostería Del Viejo Molino
  19. El Boliche de Alberto Pastas
  20. Wilkenny Bariloche
  22. The Kilkenny

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