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Frane Župan

Apartment Lara

Welcome to the city with the most beautiful sunset in the world according to Alfred Hitchcock. Thank you for staying in Apartment Lara, we hope you'll have wonderful time here, and to make it even better, here are my recommendations for you.

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Zadar - Experiences

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My favourite restaurants

If you want to grab something for eat, check these restaurants.

Image - Fragola
Frane:Just few minutes of walking from the apartment, great place, great food, especially pizza and really great prices.
Image - Harbor CookHouse & Club
Harbor CookHouse & Club
Frane:Harbor is placed near city center with a view on historic city wall. Food is really amazing.
Image - 4 Kantuna
4 Kantuna
Frane:The best pizza in city center is in this place, also they have great other dishes, and always something from seasonal groceries.
Image - Restaurant RIVA DALMACIJA
Frane:On a walking distance from apartment. If you want to try favorite and traditional meal among locals - lamb on a stick - come to this place.
Image - Pizzeria Šime
Pizzeria Šime
Frane:Pizzeria Šime has wonderful pizza.


Want a coffee or a beer, don't worry, here are the best places.

Image - Cafe City
Cafe City
Frane:2 min of walking from apartment. This place is always filled with positive people, locals who came for cup of coffee if it's a morning or for a bear in the afternoon/evening. It has the best Croatian beer - Velebitsko.
Image - caffe bar Palma
caffe bar Palma
Frane:Next to the City, there is Palma caffee bar. Peaceful place, usually filled with older population.
Image - GUMA Bar
Frane:Cool place in the city center, really interesting interior, great music and great choices of beer.
Image - Deja Brew Pub Zadar
Deja Brew Pub Zadar
Frane:The only brewery in old city center.
Image - Billiard Club d.o.o.
Billiard Club d.o.o.
Frane:Great brewery, interesting interior and they can print your face or anything else on a beer foam.
Image - Indie bar & caffe
Indie bar & caffe
Frane:Jazzy place for younger population . Coffee or beer at any time of the day is a good choice here.
Image - V kat caffe
V kat caffe
Frane:This place is placed on a fifth floor of a building just above the main square in Zadar.
Image - Kavana SV. Lovre
Kavana SV. Lovre
Frane:On a main square in Zadar you can drink great cup of coffee, and if you take a peek inside, you'll see the remains of 11th century church.
Image - Caffe Bar Forum
Caffe Bar Forum
Frane:Coffee bar Forum has the best view in Zadar: on cathedral st. Donatus church and ancient Forum.


Here's where you can go for some swimming


Want to shop for groceries or something else, here's where you can do that.

Image - Supernova Zadar
Supernova Zadar
Frane:This is the biggest shopping center in Zadar, the best place if you want to shop for some clothes, shoes and accessorize.
Image - City Galleria
City Galleria
Frane:Smaller shopping center with few shops with clothes an shoes, one cosmetics shop (Muller) and Cinestar movie theater.
Image - Super Konzum
Super Konzum
Frane:Bigger grocery shop, but also, here you have few shops with clothes and one sports shop.
Image - Interspar

Wonderguide map

  1. Fragola
  2. Harbor CookHouse & Club
  3. 4 Kantuna
  4. Restaurant RIVA DALMACIJA
  5. Pizzeria Šime
  6. Famous Beach Bar & Grill
  7. Cafe City
  8. caffe bar Palma
  9. GUMA Bar
  10. Deja Brew Pub Zadar
  11. Billiard Club d.o.o.
  12. Indie bar & caffe
  13. V kat caffe
  14. Kavana SV. Lovre
  15. Caffe Bar Forum
  16. Kolovare Beach
  17. plaža uskok zadar
  18. Plaža Borik
  19. Punta Bajlo Beach
  20. Supernova Zadar
  21. City Galleria
  22. Super Konzum
  23. Interspar

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