Amsterdam sugar rush

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Mohsen Nejad

Amsterdam sugar rush

My guide is an honest one.

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Image - Sexmuseum de Venustempel
Sexmuseum de Venustempel
Mohsen Nejad:I mean how can you go to Amsterdam and not get high to go look at a bunch of weird historical sensitive bits. What other city are you going to travel to that has a SEX MESEUM people!
Image - Canals of Amsterdam
Canals of Amsterdam
Mohsen Nejad:Wonder around the mysteriously deceiving (location wise) canals of Amsterdam and just discover what is around these beautifully made narrow streets passing on cute bridges and wierd shops and items . Tip: Do try random food items you find. Another Tip: Don't worry if you get lost it is natural.
Image - Smokey Coffeeshop
Smokey Coffeeshop
Mohsen Nejad:Go grab a beer, smoke a doobie if you have not yet and or just eat a Burger because this coffeeshop is not like every other coffeeshop you will see probably.
Image - People on bikes in Amsterdam
How to Explore Amsterdam by Bike
Mohsen Nejad:Try biking around the city. Because there are more bikes than cars it is a very cool experience. You feel like you overpower any other form of transport. Caution : you might die because they drive like crazy everywhere on bikes.
Image - Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
Mohsen Nejad:Is amazing. Again try to go stoned if you can it will make the experience cooler, besides you can not be high and call it normal in too many other cities in the world.
Image - Vondelpark
Mohsen Nejad:If it is not raining you should go rest it out here for a few hours at least and walk around the park. It is a very cool place to be.
Image - Dam Square
Dam Square
Mohsen Nejad:I mean it's a cliche you've got to pass by it.
Image - Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam
Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam
Mohsen Nejad:More greens you've got to try.
Image - Begijnhof, Amsterdam
Begijnhof, Amsterdam
Mohsen Nejad:I do not have more comments just go there because why not, it's really cool.
Image - Beer Temple
Beer Temple
Mohsen Nejad:Try different Dutch beers not just Heineken.
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Wonderguide map

  1. Sexmuseum de Venustempel
  2. Canals of Amsterdam
  3. Smokey Coffeeshop
  4. Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
  5. Vondelpark
  6. Dam Square
  7. Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam
  8. Begijnhof, Amsterdam
  9. Beer Temple

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