Amanda Montana

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Payton Alexander

Amanda Montana

Like Hannah Montana but different....

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Coffee Shops/Cafes

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Image - Mighty Mo Brewing Co
Mighty Mo Brewing Co
Payton:good food, live music, and events every now and then
Image - Mountain Berry Bowls Great Falls
Mountain Berry Bowls Great Falls
Payton:there's also another acai place called purple gold but it doesn't come up on here
Image - Pho 10
Pho 10
Image - Five on Black
Five on Black
Payton:it's giving bolay/fresh kitchen vibes
Image - Kobe Seafood & Steak
Kobe Seafood & Steak
Payton:sushi and hibachi place
Image - The Block
The Block
Image - Enbar Craft Cocktail Lounge
Enbar Craft Cocktail Lounge
Payton:food and cocktails
Image - SMOKED. American Barbecue
SMOKED. American Barbecue
Payton:not my cup of tea but maybe yours (doubt it)
Image - Paniolo Cafe
Paniolo Cafe
Payton:hawaiian that everyone raves about
Image - Little Athens
Little Athens
Image - Taco Del Sol
Taco Del Sol

Self Care


Things to Do


Image - Great Falls Original Farmer’s Market
Great Falls Original Farmer’s Market
Payton:June-September: every Saturday from 8:30 AM to 1 PM
Image - Fifth & Wine
Fifth & Wine
Payton:Cute lil wine bar/restaurant. Has an outdoor patio and looks like vibes
Image - Rage Rooms of MT
Rage Rooms of MT
Payton:when life gets to ya (;
Image - Montana ExpoPark
Montana ExpoPark
Payton:has concerts, fairs, etc. July 30: Chris Janson August 2nd: Gabriel Iglesias August 5th: AWOLNATION
Image - Kellergeist
Payton:beer garden with live music sometimes
Image - The Newberry
The Newberry
Payton:live music, comedy shows, and more July 19/August 16: Downtown Summer Jam
Image - The Wild Hare
The Wild Hare
Payton:each night has something going on: food trucks, trivia, karaoke, djs
Image - Pizazz
Payton:cooking classes here
Image - Little's Lanes
Little's Lanes
Image - Brush Crazy
Brush Crazy
Payton:sip and art vibes like painting, ceramics, and such
Image - Nourish MT
Nourish MT
Payton:cooking/wellness classes
Image - Flippin' Family Fun
Flippin' Family Fun
Payton:jump arounddd
Image - Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art
Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art
Payton:wine tastings, exhibits, and other events here
Image - Sip 'n Dip Lounge (1962)
Sip 'n Dip Lounge (1962)
Payton:tiki bar with mermaids like ok why not???
Image - Magpie
Payton:chill bar

Wonderguide map

  1. Coffee Republic
  2. Miss Kitty's Coffee Cafe
  3. Double Barrel Coffee House Cafe
  4. Morning Light Coffee Roasters
  5. Schulte's Coffee House
  6. Crooked Tree Coffee
  7. Al Banco
  8. True Brew Espresso
  9. City Brew Coffee
  10. Wheat Montana Great Falls
  11. Electric City Coffee, Coffee House and Bakery
  12. Luna Coffee Bar
  13. Bloom and Bean
  14. Caffeination Station and One & Ten Coffee
  15. Amy's Morning Perk
  16. Broadwater Coffee Brewing Company
  17. Wellness WorX
  18. Not Your Mama's Nutrition
  19. Mighty Mo Brewing Co
  20. Mountain Berry Bowls Great Falls
  21. Harvest Craft Kitchen
  22. Pho 10
  23. Tracy's Family Restaurant
  24. Five on Black
  25. Kobe Seafood & Steak
  26. The Block
  27. Black Bear Diner Great Falls
  28. Montana Sub Shop
  29. The Montana Club Restaurant
  30. Enbar Craft Cocktail Lounge
  31. MacKenzie River Pizza Co.
  32. Roadhouse Diner
  33. SMOKED. American Barbecue
  34. Paniolo Cafe
  35. Little Athens
  36. Great Falls Hokkaido Ramen & Sushi Bar
  37. Fire Artisan Pizza
  38. The Burger Bunker
  39. Street Burgers
  40. Taco Del Sol
  41. The Celtic Cowboy Pub and Restaurant
  42. Dante's Creative Cuisine
  43. Eve’s Mani’s & Pedi’s
  44. Legacy Nail Spa
  45. Nail Club
  46. Blooming Nails and Spa Great Falls
  47. habit - Yoga Studio and Apparel
  48. Great Falls Original Farmer’s Market
  49. Fifth & Wine
  50. Rage Rooms of MT
  51. Montana ExpoPark
  52. Kellergeist
  53. The Newberry
  54. The Wild Hare
  55. Pizazz
  56. Little's Lanes
  57. Brush Crazy
  58. Nourish MT
  59. Flippin' Family Fun
  60. Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art
  61. Sip 'n Dip Lounge (1962)
  62. Magpie

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