Almeria Natural Treasure

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Katia Scholiers

Almeria Natural Treasure

A natural paradise with endless ecological values, the greatest natural treasure of the province of Almeria.

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For those who will not rest on the beach - Sport or leisure activities

Image - Fatbikes Tours & Rental Spain
Fatbikes Tours & Rental Spain
Katia:We don’t try this yet, but if someone is doing, don’t hesitate to give me feedback
Image - Rutas en Barco
Rutas en Barco
Katia:San Juan de Los Terreros - nice boat trip of 4houres to discover some diving spots - call +34 657 04 26 99
Image - Mini Hollywood
Mini Hollywood
Katia:Situated in the desert outside Tabernas, this popular Wild West theme park has a certain dusty charm with its movie sets – which are still used for filming – and daily cowboy and can-can shows. There's a pool (in summer only), buggy rides and horse treks; plus you can stay overnight in a log cabin.
Image - Plataforma Solar de Almería
Plataforma Solar de Almería
Katia:The Visitors Centre offers you a unique opportunity for contact with the cleanest, most plentiful energy source, the Sun. This centre contributes to spreading the knowledge acquired by PSA exploration since it was opened 25 years ago, and for this it has convenient opening hours, comfortable facilities, and a completely organised theoretical and practical visit to help you understand solar energy applications and their future.
Image - Cuevas de Sorbas
Cuevas de Sorbas
Katia:The basic route can be done between an hour and a half and two hours. You will be guided through spacious galleries where you can admire gypsum crystals reflecting in the light of the hulls. There are small pools that are full of water throughout the year.
Image - Lunar Cable Park
Lunar Cable Park
Katia:Challenge yourself by navigating our floating obstacle course! Open to everyone ages minimum 5 years. Opening houres : Without reservations Fri-Sun | 10:00-14:00, 15:00-18:00 Only with reservations Mon-Thu | 10:00-14:00, 15:00-18:00
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The best walking routes

Image - Castle Macenas
Castle Macenas
Katia:The “ La Mena – Macenas” trail provides a 10 Km. circular route - difficulty medium. The tour begins at the end of Mojácar´s promenade, next to the Indalo Hotel and follow the coastline.
Image - Torre del Pirulico
Torre del Pirulico
Katia:El Torre de Pirulico is located just above the sea at the Macenas Beach area. It was built during the Nasrid period (XII-XIV centuries) and was used in the Renaissance (16th century) as a watchtower. Nice views on Mojacar and the sea.
Image - Punta de los Hornicos
Punta de los Hornicos
Katia:Follow the coast from playa de Quitapellejos at Palomares (parking at bar-restaurante Akua) till Villaricos. Loop of +-8 km – difficulty : easy (seaside)

What to visit - inland

Go away from the coast and discover the inland of Almeria

Image - Santuario de Nuestra Señora del Saliente
Santuario de Nuestra Señora del Saliente
Katia:Beautiful memorable place that you will find most of the time deserted ... Visite the church and cloister, and enjoy the amazing silence and the breathtaking views far down the mountains.
Image - Negratín Reservoir
Negratín Reservoir
Katia:Beautiful location with lots to do. Bike rides, water sports & fresh water spa. Restaurant Cortijo del Cura (more information in where to eat)
Image - Calar Alto Observatory
Calar Alto Observatory
Katia:Europe’s largest observatory. Magical drive up the mountain with incredible views. Make an appointment to get a tour, but worth visiting just for the drive and views
Image - Tetica de Bacares
Tetica de Bacares
Katia:Sierra de los Filabres - 2080 meters hill with views from the Sierra Nevada till the sea. For the sportive ones - you can do it by bycicle
Image - La Geoda de Pulpí (Oficial)
La Geoda de Pulpí (Oficial)
Katia:‘La Geoda Gigante’, the largest accessible geode in the world :
Image - Cuevas del Almanzora Reservoir
Cuevas del Almanzora Reservoir
Katia:After the Lunar Cable parc, you have the amazing Dam of Cuevas de Almanzora Dam that was built in 1986 on the Almanzora riverbed. In the summer you have water activities at the cable parc, but you also have to discover the Dam, by walking near the basin. Don’t forget to take water, no possibility to swim !!!!!
Image - Mini Hollywood
Mini Hollywood
Katia:Oasys aka Mini Hollywood is situated in the only desert of Europe, is a cowboy village where many films were recorded in the 60's and 70's. Today it's a theme park with shows and a zoo - more info
Image - Museo Casa Ibáñez
Museo Casa Ibáñez
Katia:For the one who are interested in art … discover the Andalusian artist Andrés García Ibáñez in 04860 Olula del Río ( and then go to the Bar la Plaza to eat some very good tapas (Calle Angenl Ganivet, 6, 04860 Olula del Río)
Image - Mirador de las Canteras
Mirador de las Canteras
Katia:Discover the Marble quarries of Macael and walk to the mirador “de las Canteras” and enjoy the views
Image - Channels (Padules)
Channels (Padules)
Katia:Camino de los Canales - 04458 Padules

What to Visit - seaside

Discover the seaside this region where nature is so beautiful and wild!

Image - Faro de Cabo de Gata
Faro de Cabo de Gata
Katia:Natural park of Cabo de Gata - arrecife de las Sirenas, an outcrop of rocks sticking up out of the sea, they are probably one of the most photographed sites around this area. A well viewed landscape attraction. Nice place to snorkel
Image - Mirador Las Salinas 1
Mirador Las Salinas 1
Katia:The wetlands 'El Salar de los Canos' in Vera Playa is one of the most important eco-systems of Almería, where more than 150 species of birds have their home. You can walk around the Salinas and have a nice view from the 2 mirodores.
Image - Mojácar
Katia:Typical with Spanish "pueblo" with spectacular sunset - a lot of people in August.
Image - Cartagena
Katia:The port of Cartagena, on the Costa Cálida, has been inhabited by several cultures which have left their mark on its artistic heritage. A tour of the place and its museums will draw you into the history of a city closely tied to the sea. To do : visiting, shopping, a trip on a catamaran.
Image - Agua Amarga
Agua Amarga
Katia:Small fishing hamlet in a good location in the Cabo de Gata-Nijar Natural Park. The village is touristic, but it maintains its pleasant tranquil character, hidden in a landscape of high craggy cliffs dotted with coves. Nice bars and restaurants along the sea.
Image - Las Negras
Las Negras
Katia:Beautiful fish village, with nothing else than the sea in front of you. Here everything remains you that it is great on the beach. Many options to eat, active during the night time but it is not a noisy. Relaxing and enjoying a drink while you hear the waves on the sea.
Image - San José
San José
Katia:San Jose is a very beautiful little “white” sea-side village in the centre of the Cabo de Gata Natural Park.
Image - Salar de los Canos
Salar de los Canos
Katia:The wetlands 'El Salar de los Canos' in Vera Playa in the Spanish province of Almería is one of the most important eco-systems of Almería, where more than 150 species of birds have their home.
Image - Alcazaba
Katia:The Alcazaba of Almería can be seen from any part of the city and it is the biggest of the citadels built by the Arabs in Spain. From the top of the castle walls we can enjoy marvellous views of the city and the port.

Where to eat - seaside

Restaurants, Chiringuitos, Bars

Image - Restaurante Bellavista
Restaurante Bellavista
Katia:Excellent restaurant, sea view, lovely staff, gorgeous food and value for money - Menu 15€ - open all year round
Image - Maraú Beach Club
Maraú Beach Club
Katia:High quality beach club, nice decor similar to clubs in Ibiza or Marbella. Menu 25€-30€ - open all year round
Image - Chiringuito Cala Siret
Chiringuito Cala Siret
Katia:Chiringuito on the beach with amazing view, very good seafood grilled in front of you (espettos)
Image - B2Mohana
Katia:Very good breakfast and lunch with sea view - Menu 12,5€ (lunch)
Image - Restaurante Lua Puerto Rey
Restaurante Lua Puerto Rey
Katia:Very good tapas, nice lounge atmosphere - a little more expensive than most of the restaurants - open all year round
Image - Restaurante Neptuno Mojacar
Restaurante Neptuno Mojacar
Katia:Beautifull sea view, good seefood, nice terrace.
Katia:Very nice view, very good paella - T3km track road to find this very peaceful chiringuito. Open from may till september.
Image - La Estancia
La Estancia
Katia:Argentinian restaurant with very good Steak - Seaview from the terrace, very friendly service and French speaking waiter.
Image - Restaurante Cabo Norte
Restaurante Cabo Norte
Katia:This restaurant is a little more expensive but the ambience is very pleasant and the service top class. The menu is quite small but very high quality, really well cooked and presented. Very nice garden what we will not expect in Mojacar Playa.
Image - Aurora Bar Restaurante
Aurora Bar Restaurante
Katia:Nice place to take a drink. The first time we were a little disappointed by the food but the second time it was very good and very nice staff ! Wonderful seaside view.
Image - Cortijo de La Media Luna
Cortijo de La Media Luna
Katia:Very nice hotel and good restaurant on the heights of Mojacar.
Image - Restaurante La Parata
Restaurante La Parata
Katia:Found in the lovely hillside Andalusian hamlet The Parata, Restaurante offers a relaxed atmosphere with a passion for simple and honest cuisin,sourcing their ingredients from local suppliers.
Image - Pecado Águilas
Pecado Águilas
Katia:We have to try this, but seems to be very nice !
Image - Garum de Daniel Mendez
Garum de Daniel Mendez
Katia:Amazing location looking out over the sea. Food looks deserve a Michelin star.
Image - Restaurante Gemva
Restaurante Gemva
Katia:Discover this restaurant in the centre of San Juan de los Terroros with a Belgian chef. Red meat is recommended
Image - Restaurante-pensión Maxcaly Playa
Restaurante-pensión Maxcaly Playa
Katia:Recommended for fish - the owner fetches it at the fish market. Seafront terrace.

Las Playas

Wild and beautiful beaches

Image - Playa de Mónsul
Playa de Mónsul
Katia:San José - The most famous beach of the Nature Reserve, having appeared in many films and commercials. This beach owes its uniqueness to the lava formations eroded around it, the beauty of its fine sand and its crystal clear water. The beach is reached from a forest track of 4 kilometers from San José. At 200 meters from the beach there is a parking. In summer to park cost 4 euros, and there are very limited spaces. The best way to get is with a shuttle bus that leaves San Jose and also leads to the beach Genoveses and beach Barronal.
Image - Playa de los Genoveses
Playa de los Genoveses
Katia:San José - One of the most beautiful bay of the Nature Reserve Cabo de Gato. The beach occupies the entire bay, is wide and is surrounded by small dunes where typical vegetation grows. A beach which facilitates the bath due to its smooth and progressive entry into water. It is protected so in the summer the car access is restricted - go walking or bike. No bar, no shower .
Image - Playa de los Muertos
Playa de los Muertos
Katia:Los Muertos has the clearest and bluest water of the Nature Reserve. Pay attention of the strong wind from the east, if the waves break hard on the beach is hard to leave the water. In any other circumstances, is a splendid beach for swimming, and for this reason in the summertime is a little crowded. Access to the beach is not easy, and not suitable for children, elderly or people with mobility problems. No bar, no showers.
Image - Playa 'Cala Cristal'
Playa 'Cala Cristal'
Katia:Cala Cristal is a small, thin sandy beach with very quiet waters, 100 m from the road, between cliffs. Form its viewpoint you can see many rocks sticking out from the sea and small sand banks. It is a rural area, not busy, whose se bottom is colonised by a large grassland of oceanic Posidonia. Ideal to enjoy a place far from conventional tourism. No showers
Image - Pulpí
Katia:Even in the summer holidays there is still lots of space to run and play and plenty of room for privacy on the beach. There is also free parking. The bay of Playa de los Cocedores is best suited for children and people who like the quiet and still water. Access to the beach is located between two rocks.

Wonderguide map

  1. Fatbikes Tours & Rental Spain
  2. Atlantis Xtrem Jet-ski & Flyboard
  3. Rutas en Barco
  4. Mini Hollywood
  5. Plataforma Solar de Almería
  6. Cuevas de Sorbas
  7. Lunar Cable Park
  8. Castle Macenas
  9. Torre del Pirulico
  10. Punta de los Hornicos
  11. Santuario de Nuestra Señora del Saliente
  12. Negratín Reservoir
  13. Calar Alto Observatory
  14. Tetica de Bacares
  15. La Geoda de Pulpí (Oficial)
  16. Cuevas del Almanzora Reservoir
  17. Mini Hollywood
  18. Museo Casa Ibáñez
  19. Mirador de las Canteras
  20. Channels (Padules)
  21. Faro de Cabo de Gata
  22. Mirador Las Salinas 1
  23. Mojácar
  24. Cartagena
  25. Agua Amarga
  26. Las Negras
  27. San José
  28. Salar de los Canos
  29. Alcazaba
  30. Restaurante Bellavista
  31. Maraú Beach Club
  32. Chiringuito Cala Siret
  33. B2Mohana
  34. Restaurante Lua Puerto Rey
  35. Restaurante Neptuno Mojacar
  37. La Estancia
  38. Restaurante Cabo Norte
  39. Aurora Bar Restaurante
  40. Cortijo de La Media Luna
  41. Restaurante La Parata
  42. Pecado Águilas
  43. Garum de Daniel Mendez
  44. Restaurante Gemva
  45. Restaurante-pensión Maxcaly Playa
  46. Playa de Mónsul
  47. Playa de los Genoveses
  48. Playa de los Muertos
  49. Playa 'Cala Cristal'
  50. Pulpí

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