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A Few Must Do Things in Chennai

Serene shores,Colonial monuments, excellent temples and historic landmarks - Chennai has it all. The city is packed with modern fashion brands, traditional art centers, great beaches and some awesome food delicacies. Here is my must do things in Chennai, which I experienced during my stay here.

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Chennai while known for its modern architecture and lifestyle, has a wide range of temples and art centers to promote our culture and traditions.

Image - Arulmigu Kapaleeswarar Temple
Arulmigu Kapaleeswarar Temple
SriTeja:The most popular For Shiva temple in Chennai. Located in the heart of Chennai, Mylapore this place attracts a lot of crowds on any day. You will be stunned by architecture and art on the walls. Every year a float festival is celebrated which is worth a visit if it coincides with your time in Chennai.
Image - Vadapalani Murugan Temple
Vadapalani Murugan Temple
SriTeja:This place is considered as sacred place for marriages and other ceremonies and it is believed that the moolavar in standing posture blesses the newly married couple with health and prosperity. There is a lake just around the temple which makes it for a great relaxed evening along the temple.
Image - Shri Ashtalakshmi Temple
Shri Ashtalakshmi Temple
SriTeja:This exceptional architecture is situated alongside the Elliot Beach. It is a religious wonder undoubtedly one of the most beautiful temples in Chennai. This is one of most artistically designed centre with four floors, marvellous painting, structures and intricate pillars and roof designs. This tops the list of must do things in Chennai.
Image - Sri Kandaswami Temple Kandhakottam
Sri Kandaswami Temple Kandhakottam
SriTeja:This temple is located on the Chennai - Mahabalipuram highway route. Built in 11th century AD, this is one of oldest temples in Chennai. This temple is filled with history, great architecture and some wonderful art.
Image - ISKCON
SriTeja:Easily accessible to everyone, the ISKCON temple is located on the ECR road. The main temple is beautiful and can hold as many as 500 members during an evening program at 6 PM. It is simply termed as a Silent Marvel.
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Shopping malls

Chennai shopping malls are perfect blend of fashion, entertainment and food. These places have everything you ever want from traditional sarees to modern outfits to western dresses.

Image - Express Avenue -Mall
Express Avenue -Mall
SriTeja:Shop, eat, relax and repeat. This place has everything under one roof. From your favorite electronic stores to fantastic jewelry to awesome food courts, this place offers something for everyone.
Image - Forum Vijaya Mall
Forum Vijaya Mall
SriTeja:If you want to beat the crowd and shop at a leisure pace without getting blocked by heaps of people, then Vijaya forum mall is for you.Palazzo theatre offers a great movie viewing experience. All the luxury as well as local brands have an outlet here and it is a great pale to shop around.
Image - Phoenix Marketcity
Phoenix Marketcity
SriTeja:The biggest mall in Chennai, packed with everything you will ever want. Luxe cinemas is worth a visit and has a very unique and luxurious movie viewing experience. Entertainment is at heart of this mall and it has lot of fun and interesting events going around every weekend. If you are in Chennai, this place is worth a visit.
Image - Ampa Skywalk
Ampa Skywalk
SriTeja:Food courts are the major attraction for Ampa Skywalk. Almost every franchise you can ever imagine has an outlet here. It also has a decent moving viewing experience and good entertainment Jone with different array of options.
Image - Spectrum The Grand Venus Mall
Spectrum The Grand Venus Mall
SriTeja:Big Bazaar, the place where people go to buy branded clothes, groceries etc at a very good price is the main attraction in this mall. It has the biggest big bazaar with dozens of local street food outlet options. S2 cinemas provides a decent movie experience. A great entertainment zone is available where your entire family can have a fun evening.
Image - Saravana Stores
Saravana Stores
SriTeja:From home appliances to fashion clothings to variety of footwear to range of consumer electronic devices, Sarvana Bhavan is a one stop place for everything. There are about 7 stores all around the city and each store provides a great shopping experience. If you are in Chennai do schedule a visit and get surprised by range of products available under one roof.

Must try Food

Chennai is a top Food destination. It is perfect place to experience a wide array of delicacies. If you are a foodie, you cannot give this city a miss.

Image - SIGREE
SriTeja:Sigree is an iron vessel which is used to cook food on a low charcoal fire. If you want to have a tandoori night, this place simply cannot be missed. The grilled dishes of Sigree are second to none and must try food if you are in the town.
Image - Murugan Idli Shop
Murugan Idli Shop
SriTeja:For last 2 decades Murgun Idli shop has been serving the best and softest idli's you c an ever find. The four chutneys accompanying idli compliment them perfectly and makes them a must try breakfast place in Chennai. They also serve a soothing soft drink named as "Jigarthanda". which is a mixture of Milk, ice-cream and sabudhana to end the meal on a high.
Image - Travelade Image
Namma Veedu Vasanta Bhavan
SriTeja:If you want to try local Tamil Nadu cuisines then Vasanta Bhavan is the place to be. Be it Sambar Idli, Pongal or Iddiapam. Vasanta Bhavan will have you covered. The filter coffee at the end to sum it up would leave you wanting to comeback for more soon. All this along with a good service makes it a great experience.
Image - Hotel Saravana Bhavan Chennai, Egmore
Hotel Saravana Bhavan Chennai, Egmore
SriTeja:Another traditional local delicacy of Tamil Nadu is Sarvana Bhavan. Idli sambar and dosai are great and will give you the idea, why these are hyped so much in South India. Lunch and dinner are provided in a leaf which marks the tradition and culture of South Indians.
Image - Annalakshmi Restaurant
Annalakshmi Restaurant
SriTeja:Payasam and Brinjal curry are the 2 biggest reasons to have a meal at this interesting restaurant. Started initially in Malaysia, this restaurant has some really great breakfast options. Lunch and Dinner are provided in a traditional Banian leaf.

Walking Tours

Every sight has a story to tell and walking tours are the best way to experience the beat of this historic metropolitan city.

Image - Mylapore
SriTeja:A walk through Chennai's oldest neighbourhood to explore and understand the stories behind the mundane rituals of daily life.
Image - Marina Beach Road
Marina Beach Road
SriTeja:A soothing as well as enlightening walking tour experience along the pulse of Chennai - Marina beach. During the walk you will see some historic statues and learn the story behind each.
Image - Mahabalipuram
SriTeja:A UNESCO world heritage site rich with culture and history. The art on the walls and clusters of monuments are a sight to behold and memories of this tour will never fade away.
Image - Bollineni Silks
Bollineni Silks
SriTeja:Kanchiuram is the home of "Silk Weavers". Watch them weave through silk looms and convert it into a world class sarees. During this tour you will be meeting various silk weaver who have been in this profession for decades and learn about art of weaving silk.

My Recommendations

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  1. Arulmigu Kapaleeswarar Temple
  2. Vadapalani Murugan Temple
  3. Shri Ashtalakshmi Temple
  4. Sri Kandaswami Temple Kandhakottam
  6. Express Avenue -Mall
  7. Forum Vijaya Mall
  8. Phoenix Marketcity
  9. Ampa Skywalk
  10. Spectrum The Grand Venus Mall
  11. Saravana Stores
  12. SIGREE
  13. Murugan Idli Shop
  14. Namma Veedu Vasanta Bhavan
  15. Hotel Saravana Bhavan Chennai, Egmore
  16. Annalakshmi Restaurant
  17. Mylapore
  18. Marina Beach Road
  19. Mahabalipuram
  20. Bollineni Silks

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