Alexandria, live from the inside

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Ahmed Gamal

Alexandria: Experience the life inside

It isn't just a coastal city, it's so much more. Let's have a local experience in Alexandria where most of world's civilizations passed from the Pharaonic to Roman to Islamic civilization.

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Let's have an Alexandrian meal

Let's start with a meal to give you the taste of Alexandria.

Image - Kebda Awlad Alflah
Kebda Awlad Alflah
Ahmed:ElFalah liver, it's the restaurant where you go with your friends to order 50 sandwiches just to finish and order 30 more, it's one of the oldest and most famous restaurants in Alexandria and it only serves liver sandwiches. You may wait up to 30 minutes to find a table or you can order and eat standing but it's a good worthy experience. If you want to have the full experience, grab some pepper chips and a sprite with the sandwiches.
Image - Alban Sewisra
Alban Sewisra
Ahmed:Everything here comes with cheese, even cheese mixed with cheese. In Alban Sewisra (Switzerland Milks) which is a small shop you will find tasty plates where cheese is one of the main ingredients. You can come here and eat anytime; be it at breakfast, lunch or dinner you will find what suits you and you feel tasty.
Image - Hany Village Food and Bedouin Grills
Hany Village Food and Bedouin Grills
Ahmed:Specialized in Bedouin food which will make you feel and taste the desert life and cooking ways. By fire presser and coal, they present lambs meat, beef and chicken with various ways of cooking. The place contains modern sections and a Bedouin section that consists of tents and Arabian divans.
Image - Aaros El Bahr Restaurant
Aaros El Bahr Restaurant
Ahmed:You can't come to Alex without having a tasty seafood meal. You will find the best one in Aaros El Bahr restaurant, where they present all Mediterranean Sea fishes and shrimp by different ways of cooking, grilling and frying.
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Experience Alexandria's rich history

Different locations of different civilizations.

Image - Citadel of Qaitbay
Citadel of Qaitbay
Ahmed:Citadel of Qaitbay is one of the magnificent historical places in Alexandria and all Egypt. It's located right by the sea and has a nice view and beautiful architecture as it was built in the 15 century to defend Alex.
Image - Ancient Roman Amphitheater
Ancient Roman Amphitheater
Ahmed:It isn't just a theater, it's more, this place was built at the early 4th century AD and discovered at 1960. Scholars thought it was a theater at the beginning but later they discovered lecture halls, leading to the conclusion that it used to be some place for teaching and celebrating. It's a great place to visit and to be able to stand where Roman ancient civilization existed more than 1500 years ago.
Image - Sidi Abo El Abbas El Morsi Mosque
Sidi Abo El Abbas El Morsi Mosque
Ahmed:With a great Islamic architecture, Abo El Abbas Mosque was built in the 13 century. The mosque contain the sufi saint Abo ElAbbas, so you will enjoy the spiritual atmosphere in this place while taking photos of the great decorations.
Image - The Cathedral of St. Mark
The Cathedral of St. Mark
Ahmed:One of the oldest churches in the world and historical seat of the Pope of Alexandria, you will find magnificent coptic architecture and decorations, saint Mark's head is buried in the Cathedral and people from all around the world come to visit it.

Interesting attractions

In these locations you can spend half or even the whole day without getting enough from the place

Image - Bibliotheca Alexandrina
Bibliotheca Alexandrina
Ahmed:If you are a bookworm you can spend hours here without sensing the time passing. You'll find thousands of books in all subjects, sciences and fields. Even if you don't like books, it is still a worthy place to visit as this is one of the oldest libraries of the ancient world.
Image - Montaza Palace
Montaza Palace
Ahmed:You can spend your day here in the middle of the green gardens and enjoy the fresh air and various choices of restaurants. The Palace was built more than 100 years ago and it's surrounded by gardens and trees which also serve as a great spot for a picnic.
Image - Africano Park
Africano Park
Ahmed:Safari park where you can visit with your car or in bus. You will drive through the park and be surrounded by free animals like monkeys, tigers and giraffes.
Image - Alexandria National Museum
Alexandria National Museum
Ahmed:This museum shows the change of Egypt through all periods of all civilizations from the pharaonic until the modern Egypt.

Hang out and do some shopping

Alexandria's famous streets and markets.

Image - Stanley Bridge
Stanley Bridge
Ahmed:In the fresh air, specially at night you can spend nice time on stanley bridge on the sea and eat some grilled corn or snacks from sellers on the bridge, you will feel the taste of Alexandria there.
Image - Corniche
Ahmed:It's easy and cheap, with this 2 level bus you can tour Alexandria's entire corniche from the west to east and vice versa. You can either start from Montaza Palace and finish at Qaitbay citadel or the opposite. It's also possible to take the bus from any stop on the way.
Image - City Centre Alexandria
City Centre Alexandria
Ahmed:Here you can go shopping or you can spend time to hang around or have a meal or drink in any restaurant or various cafes.
Image - Pastry El Shiekh Wafik
Pastry El Shiekh Wafik
Ahmed:Desserts shop which present all kinds of dairy products and ice creams in very tasty dishes. You will find it crowded most of the time but it's worth trying because you can't visit Alex without grabbing a dessert from El Shiekh Wafik.

Wonderguide map

  1. Kebda Awlad Alflah
  2. Alban Sewisra
  3. Hany Village Food and Bedouin Grills
  4. Aaros El Bahr Restaurant
  5. Citadel of Qaitbay
  6. Ancient Roman Amphitheater
  7. Sidi Abo El Abbas El Morsi Mosque
  8. The Cathedral of St. Mark
  9. Bibliotheca Alexandrina
  10. Montaza Palace
  11. Africano Park
  12. Alexandria National Museum
  13. Stanley Bridge
  14. Corniche
  15. City Centre Alexandria
  16. Pastry El Shiekh Wafik

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