Albania - exploring

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Albania - exploring

Explore and create new experiences with local people that knows better what to visit, what to eat and feel like at home. Feel the real nature and culture, history and traditions.

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Image - Albania
Linda:It's a beautiful country that you can explore. Good people, good food, fantastic nature. If you like to feel real nature, true people, real simple life, it will be an interesting adventure.
Image - Hotel Brilant
Hotel Brilant
Linda:It is one of the hotels that you will always find the best service
Image - Ramo Saranda Restaurant
Ramo Saranda Restaurant
Linda:lovely place, nice music. good coffee, tasty food
Image - South Point Expeditions
South Point Expeditions
Linda:Best experience if you like nature and adventure
Image - Old House Bar
Old House Bar
Linda:Beautiful view for a morning coffee and nice beer
Image - Hotel Livia
Hotel Livia
Image - Old town
Old town
Image - Tirana
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  1. Albania
  2. Mano Restaurant
  3. Hotel Brilant
  4. Ramo Saranda Restaurant
  5. South Point Expeditions
  6. Old House Bar
  7. Hotel Livia
  8. Butrint National Park
  9. Old town
  10. Tirana

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