Akureyri - What to do in the North-East

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Einar Örn Jónsson

Akureyri - What to do in the North-East

The North-East of Iceland offers many gems. Waterfalls, lava fields, fjords and mountains. Also a number of fun activities.

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Image - FAB 302 - Akureyri - Goðafoss - Lake Mývatn_39887
$ 131
Akureyri - Goðafoss - Lake Mývatn
Einar Örn:This waterfall is very accessible by the road. Nice hiking trails and safe fences.
Image - Beer Spa 1
$ 132
The Beer Spa
Einar Örn:Bathing in beer is quite uique!
Image - Whale Watching – 100% Whale Watching_49001
$ 81
Whale Watching – 100% Whale Watching
Einar Örn:Went there once and we experienced a wonderful show.
Image - Nettó
Image - Kristjánsbakarí
Einar Örn:The closest bakery to my apartment.
Image - Sundlaug Akureyrar
Sundlaug Akureyrar
Einar Örn:The famous swimming pool in central Akureyri
Image - Þelamörk Swimming Pool
Þelamörk Swimming Pool
Einar Örn:The "hot" swimmingpool just north of Akureyri. Beautiful surroundings and the water is warm and nice.
Image - Jólahúsið 圣诞屋
Jólahúsið 圣诞屋
Einar Örn:The Christmas House is open the year round. Funny to go there in the summer.
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Wonderguide map

  1. Akureyri - Goðafoss - Lake Mývatn
  2. The Beer Spa
  3. Whale Watching – 100% Whale Watching
  4. Nettó
  5. Kristjánsbakarí
  6. Sundlaug Akureyrar
  7. Þelamörk Swimming Pool
  8. Jólahúsið 圣诞屋

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