Airlie beach

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Daniele Giovinetti

Airlie beach

connecting point to the whitsundays but also a very nice place. It is cool but within everyone's reach

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The gateway to whitsundays

tips for reach the islands

Image - SCAMPER - Whitsunday Island Camping Connection
SCAMPER - Whitsunday Island Camping Connection
Daniele:The cheaper way to reach the islands without a own boat, for camping, and to live the real wild islands
Image - Whitehaven Beach
Whitehaven Beach
Daniele:this beach doesn't need any presentation. One of the most beautiful beach in the world. it's situated on whitsunday island
Image - Hamilton Island
Hamilton Island
Daniele:the main island of the Whitsundays, its the only one with hotel and services. Its very beautiful but expensive
Image - Whitehaven Beach camping area, Whitsunday Islands National Park
Whitehaven Beach camping area, Whitsunday Islands National Park
Daniele:Do you want to wake up at the first light of dawn on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, only the sound of the sea and some absolutely harmless lizard keep you company? Only here you can do it.
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Bar and restaurant

some tips on where to eat and drink

Image - Whitsunday Seafood bar
Whitsunday Seafood bar
Daniele:if you want to eat some fish and chips or fried fish, at the table or take away, this is the righ place. Its also easy and cheap.

Place in Airlie

Image - Airlie Beach
Airlie Beach
Daniele:the main way and the sea front deserve a couple of day. Lose yourself and relax
Image - Airlie Beach Lagoon
Airlie Beach Lagoon
Daniele:A beachfront swimming pool with services, in the heart of Airlie
Image - Airlie Guest House
Airlie Guest House
Daniele:Magnificent view of the bay, tasteful decor, balcony with sofas and views, 5 minutes walk from the center, super helpful owner. This place has everything you need.
Image - Bicentennial Walkway
Bicentennial Walkway
Daniele:Promenade pedestrian path, to do at sunset

Wonderguide map

  1. SCAMPER - Whitsunday Island Camping Connection
  2. Whitehaven Beach
  3. Hamilton Island
  4. Whitehaven Beach camping area, Whitsunday Islands National Park
  5. Sailing Whitsundays
  6. Whitsunday Seafood bar
  7. Beaches Bar & Grill
  8. Airlie Beach
  9. Airlie Beach Lagoon
  10. Airlie Guest House
  11. Bicentennial Walkway

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