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Andreas Aan Sugiarto

Borobudur Traditional Farming

Enjoy more Adventures in Borobudur, bicyling, visiting the temples, cooking class and even traditional farming activities and VW riding. Ask me for more details.

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My Recommendations

Image - VW Explore Borobudur
VW Explore Borobudur
Andreas:This VW trip in Borobudur Will be Unforgettable memories . This trip Will pass through the places you have never expected before about Borobudur area or Java.Book it now.
Image - VW Tour Borobudur (by SVARGA)
VW Tour Borobudur (by SVARGA)
Andreas:I really love the trip with them, one of the best memories in Borobudur. They are profesional. I have got more than I expected when I visited Borobudur temple. Very recommended.
Image - Dapoer Gending
Dapoer Gending
Andreas:Everybody loves it. This restaurant is super great. Strategic point, affordable menus, locals and Western foods, super friendly staffs, and great tasty meals. I really recommend this restaurant for your lunch and dinner.
Image - Pawon Luwak Coffee
Pawon Luwak Coffee
Andreas:Have you ever tried the best coffee in the world? If not, It is A MUST visit to Pawon Luwak COFFEE. A great taste of civet coffee and definitely healthy. You can even see the real animal at the back of this place. Surrounded by a small Temple of Pawon and the Coffee trees will make you feel spoiled to stay longer. Really recommended.
Image - Jaswan Inn Borobudur
Jaswan Inn Borobudur
Andreas:If you really looking for something special for you to stay with unique colorful ambience of Java , I really recommend Jaswan Inn Borobudur. Excellent breakfast, superfriendly staff, great views and more. So just hit your booking accomodation at Jaswan Inn Borobudur.
Image - Mendut Buddhist Monastery
Mendut Buddhist Monastery
Andreas:Looking a place to do a meditation? Yes this monastery of Mendut temple is a perfect one. They will have a meditation program daily in the evening for Free. You can definitely have a peaceful mind after the program with the monks who guide you to do so. A beautiful Tranquil place.very recommended.
Image - borobudur sunrise
borobudur sunrise
Andreas:Sunrise in BOROBUDUR temple is the most favorite experience you should have . Located just inside the temple area with breakfast and a beautiful souvenir in the end of the program is really worth it to do. Super recommended.
Image - Punthuk Setumbu
Punthuk Setumbu
Andreas:To see more Borobudur you can explore more to the southern part of Borobudur. One of the best view to see sunrise in Borobudur is from the Hill of PUNTHUK SETUMBU. Mystical scenery and green area will spoil you to immerse with the nature of Borobudur. Do not Miss the Unforgettable view of The Volcano Merapi. Merbabu and the hill of menoreh just right here. Highly recommended if you are interested at nature sceneries.
Image - Mount Andong
Mount Andong
Andreas:You do not need to be a professional climber to hike this beautiful mountain. From the top of the mountain you can see the scenery of magelang downtown, the ocean of Clouds and Volcano Merapi, Merbabu and other mountain. Great escape from the crowds. Highly recommended.
Image - Air Terjun Kedung Kayang
Air Terjun Kedung Kayang
Andreas:The best place to make you wet and adoring Java more than you expected. Lovely scenery of the volcano Merapi and Merbabu Will when the sky is clear. Very recommended.
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  1. VW Explore Borobudur
  2. VW Tour Borobudur (by SVARGA)
  3. Dapoer Gending
  4. Pawon Luwak Coffee
  5. Jaswan Inn Borobudur
  6. Mendut Buddhist Monastery
  7. borobudur sunrise
  8. Punthuk Setumbu
  9. Mount Andong
  10. Air Terjun Kedung Kayang

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