JAPAN 2017-18

Wonderguide by

Victor Moreno Soguez


Recommendations of my 2 years living in Japan. Places to visit, where to eat and general outdoor activities.

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Tokyo & Yokohama Restaurants

Where to eat in Tokyo & Yokohama

Image - Kaikaya by the Sea
Kaikaya by the Sea
Victor:Tokyo. 15 min walk from Shibuya station. Izakaya. My favourite option is the set menu assortment. It costs about 5K yen pr person. Recommend
Image - Yoshimuraya
Victor:Few minutes walk from Yokohama Station. One of the best ramens in Yokohama. Be ready for the queue, you are in Japan! Waiting time is usuall
Image - Mawashizushi KATSU 回し寿司 活 横浜スカイビル店
Mawashizushi KATSU 回し寿司 活 横浜スカイビル店
Victor:Yokohama. Conveyor Sushi. Great price for quality.
Image - Junkadelic
Victor:Tokyo. Nice Mexican restaurant near Naka-meguro st. Their enchiladas and burritos are amazing. That accompanied with a michelada should do.
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Hiking in Japan

Places to hike in Japan

Image - Mount Fuji
Mount Fuji
Image - Mount Ōyama
Mount Ōyama
Image - Mount Takao
Mount Takao

Sapporo Snow Festival

Visit Hokkaido & Sapporo Snow Festival in February


Wonderguide map

  1. Kaikaya by the Sea
  2. Yoshimuraya
  3. Mawashizushi KATSU 回し寿司 活 横浜スカイビル店
  4. Junkadelic
  5. Mount Fuji
  6. Nishizawa Gorge
  7. Mount Ōyama
  8. Mount Takao
  9. Sapporo Beer Museum
  10. Sapporo miyanomori ski jump stadium
  11. Ise Sueyoshi
  12. Yakiniku Bar
  13. Han No Daidokoro
  14. Ichiran Shibuya

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