Abu Dhabi - 24 hour stopover

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Abu Dhabi - 24 hour stopover

Top places to visit when you have a 24 hour stopover in Abu Dhabi

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Image - Louvre Abu Dhabi
Louvre Abu Dhabi
Ellie:Make sure to pre book your ticket online so you can skip the queue. We went for opening at 10am, and headed straight to the atrium to have it to ourselves. Please be aware that the museum is closed on Mondays.
Image - Saadiyat Public Beach
Saadiyat Public Beach
Ellie:Located right near the Louvre, the Saadiyat public beach is a great little stop either before or after your trip to the museum.
Image - Travelade Image
Corniche Road
Ellie:Stroll along the Corniche promenade and enjoy the pristine beaches. You will find a lot of local restaurants for lunch here too.
Image - Emirates Palace
Emirates Palace
Ellie:Treat yourself to an afternoon tea at the Emirate’s Palace Hotel. Enjoy local sweet treats in this extremely lavish hotel.
Image - Emirates Heritage Club Heritage Village - نادي تراث الإمارات - القرية التراثية‎
Emirates Heritage Club Heritage Village - نادي تراث الإمارات - القرية التراثية‎
Ellie:Head over to the Heritage Village for an opportunity to see how life used to be in the UAE for the Bedouin people who can still be found in the desert. You can also enjoy a spectacular view of the city from here.
Image - Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center
Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center
Ellie:The 8th biggest mosque in the world, the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is simply a work of art! As a man you will need to wear trousers and a tshirt, and as a women you will be given a cover up for free on arrival. Entry to the mosque is free and I would recommend heading before sunset so you can see it during the day and also at golden hour. I went on a Friday at opening for 16:30 and was still able to get pictures with no one in, there were a lot more people around sunset though.
Image - Wahat Al Karama
Wahat Al Karama
Ellie:Across the road from the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is Wahat Al Karama, a war memorial built to commemorate all Emiratis who were killed in the line of duty. The reflection pool there is so stunning and creates the most perfect reflection of the grand mosque.
Image - Mijana
Ellie:If you're looking for local food in a luxurious setting, check out the Mijana to finish your day.
Image - Grand Continental Flamingo Hotel
Grand Continental Flamingo Hotel
Ellie:Really good value hotel, that is centrally located.
Image - Central Market
Central Market
Ellie:If you're interested in buying traditional clothes, homeware or getting a henna done then make sure you check out the central market souk.
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Wonderguide map

  1. Louvre Abu Dhabi
  2. Saadiyat Public Beach
  3. Corniche Road
  4. Emirates Palace
  5. Emirates Heritage Club Heritage Village - نادي تراث الإمارات - القرية التراثية‎
  6. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Center
  7. Wahat Al Karama
  8. Mijana
  9. Grand Continental Flamingo Hotel
  10. Central Market

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