A summer in south Finistère

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A summer in south Finistère

If you go to Brittany, you shouldn’t miss South Finistère. It is the place to be! It’s where the world famous “Crepes” were first created! You could either relax on beautiful beaches and islands or party in amazing festivals. Here are my tips in South Finistère.

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Here are the main places I suggest you to visit

Image - Glénan Islands
Glénan Islands
David:This is probably one of the main attraction of South Finistère! Glénan islands are an archipelago composed by seven islands and where you could easily confuse the turquoise water with Hawaii. Really.
Image - Quimper
David:Quimper is the main city and you will rapidly see it by its size. In one day you will discover its medieval streets and houses. Go to the middle of the city and walk down Kereon’s street. So charming!
Image - Bénodet Beach
Bénodet Beach
David:The long beach of Benodet is a beautiful sandy beach. Thanks to its geographic position, you almost never have wind. You will have a really nice stay there. Don’t forget to bring you sun cream!
Image - Pont-Aven
David:Walk around downtown Pont-Aven and find the old windmill. Then, follow the river and choose your next restaurant.
Image - Ville Close
Ville Close
David:In Brittany, there are just a few fortified cities. La ville close is one of them. Here you could walk around, take a beer and an ice cream or hang out in front of a Celtic music show.
Image - Les chaumières de Kerascoët
Les chaumières de Kerascoët
David:Here you will find one of the most beautiful cottages in Brittany. This little village - close to the sea - will amaze you by its authenticity.
Image - Beg Meil
Beg Meil
David:Beg Meil is a long sandy beach facing the Glénan islands. It’s really great if you want to hang out for a while.
Image - Pont-l'Abbé
David:Downtown Pont-l’Abbé is a nice place to visit. It is a medieval city with a lot of shops. Take the time to walk down the streets and get lost in alleys…
Image - Pointe de la Torche
Pointe de la Torche
David:La Torche is a bay where you can do many things such as surfing, kite surfing, wind surfing… But it is also a good spot if you want to go to the beach or ride a horse.
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Don't forget to go to these museums or places. It really worth it!

Image - Musée des Beaux-Arts de Pont-Aven
Musée des Beaux-Arts de Pont-Aven
David:In the past, Pont- Aven hosted many painters such as Paul Gauguin. This museum is a must-do if you want to learn more about it.
Image - Musée de la Pêche
Musée de la Pêche
David:The whole Brittany is well-known as an area for fisheries. Concarneau’s fishery museum is a nice place to learn more about it.
Image - Festival des Filets Bleus
Festival des Filets Bleus
David:This traditional festival takes place each year in august. Come and discover this Celtic celebration. You could eat typical food and drink local beers.
Image - Festival de Cornouaille
Festival de Cornouaille
David:This festival is a one-week celebration about Celtic culture. More than 200 000 people are expected each year in July. If you want to learn more about Brittany you should go there, for sure.
Image - Port de Lesconil
Port de Lesconil
David:Lesconil is a small fishery town known for its lobsters. In August, the city celebrates the summer with a Lobster festival. It is a kind of night fair where you can buy your own lobster and eat it in front of a music show. If you want to discover this traditional culture, don’t miss it!


So many things to do and discover...

Image - Vedettes de l'Odet
Vedettes de l'Odet
David:One of the best way to go to the Glénan Islands is to be on one of the "Vedette de l’Odet" boats. You can also choose to cruise the Odet river and discover the coastlines.
Image - Glénan Découverte
Glénan Découverte
David:Glénan Découverte is a taxi boat company based in Trégunc. You can either go to the Glénan islands or have a boat ride along the coast.
Image - Casino Barrière Bénodet
Casino Barrière Bénodet
David:Benodet’s Casino is a great place to go out at night. You will find the whole classic casino games in a warm atmosphere. Remember that you have to be +18 to be admitted.
Image - Biscuits of Pont-Aven
Biscuits of Pont-Aven
David:In this factory shop you will discover one of the most famous “galette” in Britany.
Image - Brasserie de Bretagne
Brasserie de Bretagne
David:Between Trégunc and Concarneau you will find one of the most famous brewery in Brittany. You can just order a beer in the bar or have a guided tour in the factory.
Image - Relais Thalasso Bénodet
Relais Thalasso Bénodet
David:This Hotel & Spa is well reputed in the region. If you stay a while you will know why. Massage, jacuzzi, hammam and sauna will please you during your stay.

Restaurants & bars

What do you prefer: eating seafood in front of the beach or tasting a typical crepe?

Image - Le Mervent
Le Mervent
David:A French bistrot in front of the sea and the Glénan island. You should try it at dinner time. What a sunset!
Image - Les Boucaniers
Les Boucaniers
David:Do you like to eat on the sand in a waterfront restaurant? If yes, go to Les Boucaniers in La-Forêt-Fouesnant. It is the best in town!
Image - La Verrière
La Verrière
David:It is a nice bar to chill out at night but it is a good French bistrot as well. Warm atmosphere with good wines.
Image - Le Comptoir
Le Comptoir
David:Le Comptoir is a great place if you are looking for a trendy bar at night in front of La ville Close.
Image - Crêperie - Le Petit Chaperon Rouge
Crêperie - Le Petit Chaperon Rouge
David:Going to Brittany without eating a crepe is unthinkable! In Le Chaperon Rouge you will eat one of the most amazing crepes on Earth. Really!


Bring back a souvenir from South Finistère.

Image - Conserverie Courtin
Conserverie Courtin
David:This company is famous thanks to its fish soup and handmade products. This place is really nice if you want to buy souvenirs. You will not miss this building between Trégunc and Concarneau… It looks like a real boat!
Image - MAISON GEORGES LARNICOL - MOF - Biscuiterie Chocolaterie
MAISON GEORGES LARNICOL - MOF - Biscuiterie Chocolaterie
David:If you like chocolate, you have to go there! Larnicol is a chocolate maker who received many rewards. You could just have a look to the famous giant chocolate-made Lion or you can buy some chocolate pieces. You will see this shop in “La Ville Close”.
Image - Armor Lux Store Quimper - Kerdroniou
Armor Lux Store Quimper - Kerdroniou
David:France is famous for its striped shirts. Actually, it comes from Brittany! If you want it as a souvenir you should definitely go to Armor Lux.
Image - Les Halles
Les Halles
David:You will discover a small indoor market in Pont l’Abbé. If you want to buy your fruits and vegetables in a typical French market, don’t miss it!


You will have plenty of sports to do. I advice you to start with surfing!

Image - Surf School De Bretagne, Twentynine Surf&Co
Surf School De Bretagne, Twentynine Surf&Co
David:If you are a beginner in surf you should ask “L’école de surf de Bretagne” (Brittany Surfing School). They will teach you how to begin in one of the best surfing spot in France!
David:If you want to learn how to sail, you should go to Les Glénans. One of the biggest center in Europe.
Image - Golf de Cornouaille
Golf de Cornouaille
David:Why not improving your skills in Golf de Cornouaille? It is in front of the sea and close to race sailing boats. You won't regret it!
Image - Adrénature Adventure Park
Adrénature Adventure Park
David:Adrénature is the best option if you want to climb in a tree and share a moment in the nature at the same time.

Wonderguide map

  1. Glénan Islands
  2. Quimper
  3. Bénodet Beach
  4. Pont-Aven
  5. Ville Close
  6. Les chaumières de Kerascoët
  7. Beg Meil
  8. Pont-l'Abbé
  9. Pointe de la Torche
  10. Musée des Beaux-Arts de Pont-Aven
  11. Musée de la Pêche
  12. Festival des Filets Bleus
  13. Festival de Cornouaille
  14. Port de Lesconil
  15. Vedettes de l'Odet
  16. Glénan Découverte
  17. Casino Barrière Bénodet
  18. Biscuits of Pont-Aven
  19. Brasserie de Bretagne
  20. Relais Thalasso Bénodet
  21. Le Mervent
  22. Les Boucaniers
  23. La Verrière
  24. Le Comptoir
  25. Crêperie - Le Petit Chaperon Rouge
  26. Conserverie Courtin
  27. MAISON GEORGES LARNICOL - MOF - Biscuiterie Chocolaterie
  28. Armor Lux Store Quimper - Kerdroniou
  29. Les Halles
  30. Surf School De Bretagne, Twentynine Surf&Co
  32. Golf de Cornouaille
  33. Adrénature Adventure Park

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