A Local's Guide to Dubrovnik

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Iva Čolaković

A Local's Guide to Dubrovnik

"Pearl of the Adriatic " or "King's Landing" is a city of rich history, architecture and transparent clear sea... A small city with more tourist than local people, but still charming and magical.

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Image - Restaurant 360
Restaurant 360
Iva:Restaurant 360 is the only Michelin Star restaurant in Dubrovnik and it has a stunning view over the City Walls.
Image - Konoba Pjatanca
Konoba Pjatanca
Iva:I would recommend you to try the traditional food at this restaurant/konoba, especially their baked lamb under the bell here in Croatia called "Peka". You will stay in a friendly atmoshpere with family owned restaurant:)
Image - Fish restaurant Proto
Fish restaurant Proto
Iva:The best Fish restaurant in Dubrovnik "Proto" is located in the center of the Old Town, with no competition in that area, they had a lot of Michelin Guides but still no Star to show.
Image - Gradska kavana Arsenal Restaurant
Gradska kavana Arsenal Restaurant
Iva:I would recommend this place as a unique place for coffee and a piece of cake with amazing view on the central square.
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Image - Lokrum
Iva:This small "cursed" island 10 minutes from the Old Town's port is a place to-go, place to relax, swim, enjoy your stay under the trees in the shade or go cliff jumping.. This island full of history, monuments and variety of flora and fauna is forbidden to live on so you can't stay at night there.
Image - Elaphiti Islands
Elaphiti Islands
Iva:Elaffiti islands are a group of islands situated around Dubrovnik. In the group there are: Koločep, Lopud, Šipan, Lastovo and Korčula. All of them are an amazing one day trip off the crowd from the Town of Dubrovnik
Image - Sunset Beach Dubrovnik
Sunset Beach Dubrovnik
Iva:Enjoy the most amazing sunset on the beach with the cocktail in your hand ;)
Image - Dubrovnik Cable Car
Dubrovnik Cable Car
Iva:Cable Car is an amazing opportunity to see the panorama of the Old town. Cable car is situated just on the mount Srđ where you have a restaurant, coffee bar, and Fort Imperial that is now a War Museum.


Image - Culture club Revelin
Culture club Revelin
Iva:Culture Club Revelin is a night club located at the gate of Ploče and it is situated just inside the fort of city walls called Revelin, it is named Top 40 best clubs in the world with most famous DJ's playing there
Image - King's Landing Dubrovnik
King's Landing Dubrovnik
Iva:For the Game of Thrones fans, Dubrovnik is the place where King's Landing is situated, so you have a lot of souvenir shops, tours, Iron Throne situated in the Old Town.
Image - The Gaffe
The Gaffe
Image - Franjo Tudjman Bridge, Općina Dubrovnik
Franjo Tudjman Bridge, Općina Dubrovnik
Iva:Bungee jumping for the adrenaline junkies..



Image - Sponza Palace
Sponza Palace
Image - Dubrovnik Local Guides - City Walls Walking Tour
Dubrovnik Local Guides - City Walls Walking Tour
Iva:I would recommend everyone to go on a tour by City Walls of the Old Town, great experience, view, and breathtaking history..
Image - Church of Saint Blaise
Church of Saint Blaise
Iva:Named after the guardian Saint Blaise, this church is probably most important monument in the Old Town for the local people. They celebrate his day every year on 3rd of February.
Image - Rector's Palace
Rector's Palace
Iva:Rector's Palace is the place where the leader (rector) lived in Dubrovnik Republic during his mandat of 3 months as Dubrovnik was democratic republic at that time.
Image - Fort Lovrijenac
Fort Lovrijenac
Iva:Fort Lovrijenac, just 20 meters from the City Walls, stood there as the defensive fort, now it is a museum and place for amazing concerts and theater shows..

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  1. Restaurant 360
  2. Konoba Pjatanca
  3. Fish restaurant Proto
  4. Gradska kavana Arsenal Restaurant
  5. Konoba Veranda
  6. Dubravka 1836 Restaurant & Cafe
  7. Lokrum
  8. Elaphiti Islands
  9. Sunset Beach Dubrovnik
  10. Dubrovnik Cable Car
  11. Culture club Revelin
  12. King's Landing Dubrovnik
  13. The Gaffe
  14. La Bombonera club
  15. Adventure Dubrovnik - Sea Kayaking & snorkeling
  16. Franjo Tudjman Bridge, Općina Dubrovnik
  17. Dubrovnik Cathedral
  18. Sponza Palace
  19. Dubrovnik Local Guides - City Walls Walking Tour
  20. Church of Saint Blaise
  21. Rector's Palace
  22. Fort Lovrijenac

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