A Beginner's Guide To Zagreb

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Charlotte Aimée Hulme

A Beginner's Guide To Zagreb

Zagreb is (hopefully) known to all as Croatia’s buzzy capital, a city famed for its colour festivals and deemed by the sequin wearing, painted faced amongst us as “festival city”. It's fun, it's lively and it's a capital so worthy of a visit...

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Buzzy Bars

Culture to one side, there are a whole host of bars to enjoy in the city-centre. The night-life is so varied, we sat on Tkalčićeva Street, probably like the most touristy people ever, but this area is buzzing with atmosphere, (and perfect for a people watch).

Image - Swanky Monkey Garden bar
Swanky Monkey Garden bar
Charlotte Aimée:A great bar that has a hidden outdoor garden with swing stools and an atmosphere ideal for pre-drinks is Swanky Monkey. Two local drinks you just have to try are Medica, a beverage made of brewed honey and Rakia, drinks with different fruit and herb flavours. Without further ado, a raki cheers!
Image - Alcatraz
Image - Dežman Bar
Dežman Bar
Image - Sedmica
Image - Spunk
Image - Vinyl bar&bar
Vinyl bar&bar
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Food Glorious Food

The food culture in Zagreb is eclectic. Often, to avoid frequenting Maccy D’s, it’s nice to have some guidance when it comes to a different cuisine. We suggest trying Cuspajz – meat and vegetable stew, Knedli – sweet potato dumplings and 505 s crtom – typical Croatian candy. Here are some great restaurant spots to enjoy...

Image - Noel
Image - Bistro Apetit
Bistro Apetit
Image - RougeMarin
Image - Burgeraj
Image - Carpaccio
Charlotte Aimée:Delivering stylish Italian dining, Carpaccio does just what it says on the tin and offers some of the best classic Italian dishes going.

Stalwart City Staples

Zagreb is a culture-filled capital offering gorgeous greenery and historic buildings galore

Image - Botanical Garden
Botanical Garden
Charlotte Aimée:The Botanical Gardens are definitely worth a wander, especially if you like turtles! I have never seen so many in my life, and they’re so well disguised in the large pond. The gardens were founded in 1889, and really are a staple of the city with expansive greenery, lily-pad-covered ponds, French-inspired flowerbeds and ten glasshouses.
Image - St. Mark's Church
St. Mark's Church
Charlotte Aimée:For that insta-photo sure to rake in the likes, St. Mark’s Church is very “Croatian”. t’s red-white-and-blue chequered roof tiles host two coats of arms of Zagreb and Crotia, just striking. The little church looks so clean, which seems to be an overarching theme in Zagreb.
Image - Cathedral of Zagreb
Cathedral of Zagreb
Charlotte Aimée:German architect Hermann Bollé certainly did a great job with this skyline dominating cathedral. Whilst you might grimace at a “typical” tourist-y holiday wandering forcibly around cathedrals, this one is actually a highly recommended visit.

Many A Museum

The Museum Of Broken Relationships is a famous Zagreb staple. Alas, it's not the only museum sitting snug in the city...

Image - The Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb
The Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb
Charlotte Aimée:In essence, it’s a whole museum, located in the beautiful baroque Kulmer palace in the Upper Town, dedicated to heartbreak and symbolic possessions.

Wonderguide map

  1. Swanky Monkey Garden bar
  2. Alcatraz
  3. Dežman Bar
  4. Sedmica
  5. Bacchus jazz bar
  6. Spunk
  7. Vinyl bar&bar
  8. Pod Zidom Bistro & Wine Bar
  9. Restaurant Nav
  10. Noel
  11. Trilogija - Vino & Kuhinja
  12. Bistro Apetit
  13. RougeMarin
  14. Restaurant Agava
  15. Burgeraj
  16. Carpaccio
  17. Botanical Garden
  18. St. Mark's Church
  19. Cathedral of Zagreb
  20. Archaeological Museum in Zagreb
  21. Zagreb City Museum

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