7 Weeks Through SE Asia

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Jonathan Clery

7 Weeks Through SE Asia


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The Cutest Town in Vietnam

Image - Rosie's cafe
Rosie's cafe
Jonathan:Just incredible. I cannot recommend this highly enough. Everything we wanted, we came again. Fresh & healthy food, chill atmosphere, eco-friendly. Make sure you check-out there shop for eco products!
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Ho Chi Minh - All You Need

Image - Ho Chi Minh Campaign Museum
Ho Chi Minh Campaign Museum
Jonathan:Check-out the War Remnants Museum. It'll take this
Image - Ho Chi Minh City
Ho Chi Minh City
Jonathan:Check-out the War Remnants Museum. It'll take its emotional toll on you, after head to L'Usine for incredible food, try their homemade iceteas for a cooldown. 1 Full day is all you need in Ho Chi Minh, the humidity and air pollution is too much.
Image - L’Usine Le Loi
L’Usine Le Loi
Jonathan:Head through the alleyway to the right and up the stairs.

Dirty Secret - Nha Trang

Image - Amiana Resort Nha Trang
Amiana Resort Nha Trang
Jonathan:The public beaches of Nha Trang are unbearable. Plastic is everywhere. Do yourself a favour and book into this resort for a day and experience a mud bath over looking palm trees and the ocean and take in the sunset along their boardwalk. The food is amazing and their private beach is 99% cleaner than the public beach.
Image - Louisiane Brewhouse
Louisiane Brewhouse
Jonathan:For Anyone who got sick of Asian food after a few weeks this was a welcome change. Great beer and decent food.

No. 1 Experience in Vietnam

Image - Trang An Departure Boat Ticket
Trang An Departure Boat Ticket
Jonathan:Stay in Binh Province to witness the silence of the karsts. You realise why King Kong was filmed here very quickly. It's majestic.

The Best Way to Get to Sapa

Image - EcoSapa Bus Official Website
EcoSapa Bus Official Website
Jonathan:This was beyond my expectations. The best minibus I was ever on. Leather reclining seats, loads of space, wifi and +2 stops. Incredible service!

The Best Adventure in Chiang Mai

Image - Flight of the Gibbon - Chiang Mai
Flight of the Gibbon - Chiang Mai
Jonathan:Fly through the rainforest, hike a waterfall and meet the local villagers, the food is incredible and you will make lifelong memories.

Where to Stay Chiang Mai

Image - The Astra Condo
The Astra Condo
Jonathan:These beautiful, modern condos give you access to a rooftop pool and panoramic gym. The location is perfect for exploring the night markets and nearby temples.

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  1. Rosie's cafe
  2. Ho Chi Minh Campaign Museum
  3. Ho Chi Minh City
  4. L’Usine Le Loi
  5. Amiana Resort Nha Trang
  6. Louisiane Brewhouse
  7. Trang An Departure Boat Ticket
  8. EcoSapa Bus Official Website
  9. Flight of the Gibbon - Chiang Mai
  10. The Astra Condo

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