10 atypical Things to Do in Reykjavik

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Nína Þorkelsdóttir

10 Atypical Things to Do in Reykjavik

Reykjavik is full of surprises. In this guide, I've collected a few activities that are a bit more unconventional than the usual guided tour. If you want to embrace your inner weirdo while in Reykjavik - read on!

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10 Unconventional Activities, Reykjavik

So here's my list:

Image - Prison Break Escape Game_37914
$ 43
Reykjavik Escape - Prison Break
Nína:Escape rooms have been growing in popularity in recent years. I've tried this one once and it didn't disappoint.
Image - The Icelandic Phallological Museum
The Icelandic Phallological Museum
Nína:This infamous museum has shocked prudish tourists since it opened more than two decades ago. Its collection consists of more than 300 phalli from 95 species.
Image - SKOR
Nína:A brand new karaoke/dart bar in the Vesturbær (West side) of Reykjavik. A perfect way to break up your typical tourist routine.
Image - Mink Viking Portrait
Mink Viking Portrait
Nína:So this is the concept: You dress up like a viking and someone takes your portrait. How cool is that?
Image - The Icelandic Punk Museum
The Icelandic Punk Museum
Nína:A tiny little museum, located in a former public toilet in the city centre.
Image - Kattakaffihúsið
Nína:In this cafe, cats roam around freely or lounge in comfy chairs while guests drink coffee. Perfect for cat persons 🐱
Image - Minigarðurinn
Nína:Indoor mini golf in Reykjavik. Why not?
Image - Inside the Volcano
$ 334
Inside the Volcano Tour | Free Pickup from Reykjavik
Nína:In this tour, you actually get to descend down a crater and explore a magnificent magma crater. It's a short distance from Reykjavik so it takes around half a day.
Image - Reykjavík Ink
Reykjavík Ink
Nína:Come back from your trip with a permanent souvenir. Need ideas? Hallgrimskirkja church on your back, a tiny little puffin on your arm ?
Image - Private Reykjavik Food Lovers Tour - Traditional Icelandic Food_262289
$ 299
Private Reykjavik Food Lovers Tour - Traditional Icelandic Food
Nína:This tour allows you to sample traditional Icelandic food (that is, the weirdest food you've ever tried).
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  1. The Icelandic Phallological Museum
  2. SKOR
  3. Mink Viking Portrait
  4. The Icelandic Punk Museum
  5. Kattakaffihúsið
  6. Minigarðurinn
  7. Inside the Volcano Tour | Free Pickup from Reykjavik
  8. Reykjavík Ink
  9. Private Reykjavik Food Lovers Tour - Traditional Icelandic Food

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