10 Restaurants to Try in London, 2022

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Nina Thorkelsdottir

10 Restaurants to Try in London, 2022

It's early 2022 and after two challenging years, it's hopefully time to say goodbye to Covid19 and embrace the fact that we're able to travel and go out without restrictions. To celebrate this turning point, I have gathered together ten of the most exciting restaurants to visit in London this year.

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10 London Restaurants to Try in 2022 🍤

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Image - Hoppers Soho
Hoppers Soho
Nina:Inspired by so-called "toddy shops" in Sri Lanka, Hoppers is a great option for these exhausted moments in between sightseeing in the city. They offer hearty Sri-Lankan food such as hoppers and dosa.
Image - Aquavit London
Aquavit London
Nina:A gorgeous Scandinavian restaurant in the heart of the city. Try the Bird's Nest for dessert!
Image - Petersham Nurseries Teahouse
Petersham Nurseries Teahouse
Nina:This Covent Garden eatery serves tea and cakes in a lovely garden. Beautiful!
Image - Native
Nina:Stylish place with an interesting menu. Great for lunch.
Image - Market Hall Victoria
Market Hall Victoria
Nina:I loved this food hall when I visited in 2019. So many mouthwatering options to choose from and a great vibe.
Image - Polpo Soho
Polpo Soho
Nina:This iconic Venetian restaurant in Soho now has a site in Chelsea as well. The perfect Italian restaurant.
Image - BRAT Restaurant
BRAT Restaurant
Nina:Delicious seafood, stylish vibe.
Image - Cinnamon Bazaar
Cinnamon Bazaar
Nina:A colourful Indian restaurant in Covent Garden.
Image - Salon
Nina:A super ambitious restaurant in Brixton that serves contemporary English dishes.
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  1. Hoppers Soho
  2. Aquavit London
  3. Petersham Nurseries Teahouse
  4. Circolo Popolare
  5. Native
  6. Market Hall Victoria
  7. Polpo Soho
  8. BRAT Restaurant
  9. Cinnamon Bazaar
  10. Salon

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